Different cuts

There are different cuts that can be performed on a girl’s hair to achieve the best looks. Many hair stylists use many cuts on ladies and they come in all sorts of shapes and designs. The hair stylists are usually well-trained and their skills are top notch. In order to have an in depth understanding of the different cuts that can be performed on a girls head, it is important to present a couple of hair cutting techniques that are used by hairdressers.

Razor cutting

This technique is used to lessen some of the load on dense hair. It makes curls bounce and enhances the movement through the hair. This mode of hair dressing is applied to visually soften facial features.


This haircut appears as one of the most popular modes of making a girls hair. These layers lessen the general weight of the thick hair and append volume and touch to excellent hair. The general process of layering adds movement and plasticity to the hairstyle, and works well on fine or thick hairs.

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Slide cutting

This technique, which is used by hairstylists, softens a person’s facial features. It creates texture and purges some weight of the hair. This technique is widely used on curly hair, because it is a technique that clearly defines the curls on a girls’ hair. This modus operandi is performed on girls with thick and weighty hair and is not commonly done on the girls with fine and very soft hair.

Point cutting

In most cases this is used to make the brusqueness of a haircut softer. This cut is apposite for all hair types, whether it is fine or thick and dense hair.


Through this technique, hair stylists cut hair relatively shorter in the direction of the back of the head. Hairstylists use this mode cutting the inverted bob hairstyles. Such a mode of cutting hair is majorly used on relatively medium dense hair. This hair cutting practice is used on fine hair and avoided on thick hair, since it creates significant hair volume.


This process of cutting hair is used to slide through hair, leaving an impression of a feather-like finish that offers texture as well as clearly defined tresses. This is the most efficient hair cutting technique for women with hair that is considered medium, not too thick or too fine.

Girls’ hair styles

There are so many hairstyles that girls can use to beautify themselves. The list is extensive, but the paper will touch on those that are used by almost every girl in the world. There is the bang that is normally used by almost every girl. It is formed into curly waves on the forehead. This can be done either on one side of the head or both sides that frame the forehead regions. There is also the beehive in which the hair is elevated at the top of the head by teasing or padding, which creates the impression of a beehive.

This is what inspired the name beehive. Another style that uses teasing and padding on hair is the bouffant, where hair is given extra fullness and is efficiently heightened. Bob cut is yet another style that girls and women use mostly. The ends of hair are cut at chin length and are allied close to the facial parts. Many girls also plait their hair and use braids. The girls who use this style must have long hair and are detached into strands, normally three, which are then braided together, forming one braid dangling at the back of the head. They are very common with girls and women as well.

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The other style that bears great resemblance to braiding is the bun, where a girls’ hair is pushed backwards and tied into a note at the back, top, or side of the head. They can also be tied into more than one notch at various positions on the head of a girl. The chignon is also similar to the buns in that the hair is budged at the nape of the neck. However, this particular one requires relatively tighter binding than the buns.

There is also the crown braid, which is usually worn by girls with very long hair. It emanated from Ukrainian culture, whose girls used to wrap a single braid around the head. There is also the Dutch braid, which appears to be going into the hair. The French twist also bears close similarity to the buns, but the only difference is that with the French twist, the hair is twisted into something close to a bun but not a bun.

The name twist is suggestive of how it is made. Many girls also use the fringe, a hairstyle that has hair combed to the front of the head and is cut above the eyebrows. This is very common nowadays and very similar to the hive cut, which consists of straight long hair that reaches below the shoulder blades and part of it is trimmed to levels of about shoulder length. It also makes the use of a fringe that reaches the level of eyebrows. This is a very intricate design yet very scintillating.

There is also the mohawk. This is a unisex style that is used nowadays. It is hair that is shaved on both sides, leaving behind just but a strip of hair in the middle. The hair is then spiked up. There are also pigtails that many girls wear. In this style, hair is divided in the middle and tied into pony tails on both sides of the head. The one that bears close similarity to this one is the ponytail. Hair is pulled back to the back of the head and is tied with a ribbon, rubber band, or hair clip. Not forgetting that there is also the straight one, in which, as the name suggests, there is just plain straight hair.

When it comes to boys, things are not any different. It is in essence a matter of the fact that one has to look presentable. So the question now is how to perform cutting the hair of a boy. It is quite simple. One first wets the hair. This is done to make sure that the hair is soft enough as to show its response to the hair cutting process.

Once this is done, one carefully cuts the hair around the ear regions. This is accomplished by using a trimmer like a scissors perhaps. This is the tool that is commonly used for this task. Trimming the hair around the ears should be carefully done to prevent injuries to the earlobes. One can fold the ear and proceed to cut down the neckline to create a distinguished line.

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The step that follows next is blending. This is done using a comb. One should place the comb in the hair and comb upwards and outwards. The moment the bottom layer of hair falls from the comb, one cuts off all the hair left on the comb. One can substitute the scissor with a clipper in this blending process. Then one continues combing the hair and trimming until the final layer of hair drops off from the comb. To blend the hair from the top downwards, one can use his or her fingers at an angle but rests on the head.

Using the fingers, the barber can decide the length of hair that is to be left on the head after the cut. This is achieved by holding the hair between the fingers. This process continues until the head is fully trimmed, but the scissors or clippers are held at different angles to achieve different cut designs and lengths. As at that, a boys cut would have been reached at. One can apply some pomade or even gel to make the hair look somewhat spiky. This makes the cut look fresh.

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There are many hair styles that a boy can wear. One is the butch, where the hair is cut short in all the dimensions at the top of the head. The upper hair as well as the sides are cut at same length, whereas the back sides are tapered, using a clipper. There is the comb over, where the hair is combed from part of the head to the other, often to cover a bald spot. This style is the signature of one of the world’s richest men, Donald Trump.

 He is said to have a double comb over and to cover a very huge bald spot on his head. The African American buys have a braiding series, similar to the French like braids. They cling over the head and travel to the back of the neck. Another common cut that is worn by most of the boys is the crew cut. This haircut has hair at the top of the head cut short, from the longest at the frontline of the head to the shortest at the back of the head. The hair at the sides is usually tapered to create a box like impression.

There are also dreadlocks, which are also worn by ladies as well. In this style, the hair is dreadlocked into sections, normally hand rolled and waxed together permanently. They vary in sizes and length as well. The longer the locks, the more time they have been nurtured. This style is normally associated with the Rastafarians and is usually symbolic of being a Reggae and Roots diehard. There is also the ducktail style, and it was worn by famous people like Elvis Presley. This style requires that the hair has to be combed back and around the head. At the back of the head, there is the central demarcating line that resembles the rear end of a duck. The hair at the front of the head is disarrayed or hung over the forehead. From the sides, the combed hair looks like folded wings of a duck.

Boys also wear the mohawk, where hair from the sides of the head is trimmed, leaving a single strip of spiked hair at the middle. This style, as it was said earlier, is unisex and is worn by the girls and ladies as well. Another common style with men is the flattop, where the hair at the top most part of the head is cut as a flat pane. This gives the hair a flat topped look, hence, the name flat top style. There is also the plain cut, and, as the name suggests, it is just a cut that pays no attention to any styling cuts. The hair is cut at an even tone. A boy can also wear the waves, where wave like impressions are created on the head, but is more common among the African American men.

How to color hair

There are many issues relating to the coloring of hair. The first thing is how it is actually done. It depends on the color which a client wants to wear, but one must select a color that is not far from their natural hair color. One should cover any bare surfaces that might become dye using things like newspapers. Then one wears gloves, which are recommended, and then proceeds to apply a coat of lip balm or vaseline along one’s hairline. This is done to prevent staining. One then mixes the dye together with the developer in the proper ratios as directed by the manufacturers.

Using a brush, one should carefully apply the dye to various sections of hair. It is advisable to have small sections so that the dye can seep in well enough. One should be cautious to coat the hair evenly so that it does not appear streaky. Once the dye is evenly applied, one works the dye throughout the hair using shampoo. For this, one should set a timer for the time limits that one will have the dye on. Depending on the type of dye one is using, the dye can stay on for up to twelve hours. Carefully, without disturbing the dye, one wipes off the excess dye on the face and neck. Then it is recommended to wait until the set time limit is up and then rinse the hair until the water is clear. Then one applies a conditioner and leaves it on the hair for a couple of minutes with the following washing out. After that, hair has to dry naturally. One should avoid exposing the lately dyed hair to direct sunlight, since UV rays damage hair.

There are some certain brands of dyes that are internationally acknowledged. The list comprises Clairol, which comes in many shades of brown to platinum blond. The other one is manic panic, which comes in many shades as well and is good for people with sensitive skin. The third brand is the Henna hair dye, which is extracted from ground henna leaves. It comes in shades of auburn red or burgundy as well as several shades of brown.

There is Revlon too, which comes in shades of auburn black, blonde, and brown. It is very easy to use. There is the Rainbow henna as well, which is similar to the Henna discussed earlier. Tresemme is also a well-known hair dye. It comes in shades of blond and browns. L’oreal is a common drug in the stores. It comes in colors of purple, red, and gold. The products of this trade mark are of very good quality. Surya Brasil is another brand that comes in powder or cream form. Eco Colors is an internationally acknowledged brand too.

Make up is not forgotten when it comes to cosmetology. It is what is applied on surfaces like the skin and lips to enhance beauty. It is applied to the body, using various brushes. There are eye brushes like the Sigma E70 that is used to apply shades beneath the eyebrows as well as the inner corners. Sigma E60 is a larger brush that is used to apply cream formulas and shadow primers. There are brushes like Sigma F30 for applying skin products. There is also the Elf Angled Foundation brush that is used for applying liquid products.

Make up comes in various shades and brands. They include Revlon Color Burst lip gloss, which comes in shades of red and pink; Maybelline lip gloss, which comes in a shade of Mauve. When it comes to the nails, there are three types of artificial nails that are used in the cosmetic world. They are acrylics, silks, and gel. Gel nails are polished into the nail tips to extend the length. The nails are then put under UV light for drying.

 Acrylic nails are made from a powdered mixture that is brushed into the nails and cover the whole of it. They are also used to extend the nails. Silks are fabric wraps that are glued in place to strengthen weak or broken nails. They are made of fiberglass or linen. They are temporary. All these aspects encompass the world of cosmetology.

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