To complete any homework assignment, the writer needs to understand the type of paper they have to write. A response paper that provides a critical analysis is seen as an evaluation or critique of another person’s article or essay. The writer should only convey their own thoughts on what they have just read.

When asked to write a response paper, you should not just say what it is about a text that appeals or does not appeal to you. It is expected you will analyze the text and identify its strengths and weaknesses in an organized and well-reasoned manner. Additionally, good response papers should be persuasive. They should include examples, facts, and the writer’s own experience to support their ideas and thoughts about the piece, so it is important to fully understand what response papers are if you are given these assignments.

If you understand what type of paper is required and you know how to complete it yourself, congratulations! You are a stellar student and you understand the nature of response papers!

When students are given a critical response paper to write but know little or nothing about these papers, they should find the tips and advice provided here useful.

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Tips on Writing Response Papers

If you are about to start writing a response paper, there are a number of ways you can structure and organize your paper. You can approach this type of paper in a number of ways. You could, for example, begin by providing a brief summary and then writing the remainder of the response in blocks of text.

If you choose the above model, you may organize your paper as follows:

  • An introductory section;
  • Brief summary;
  • Say whether you agree;
  • Say whether you disagree;
  • Provide a logical conclusion.

By examining any good response paper example using the second method, you will see that this method begins with a central thesis. The subsequent paragraphs comprising the main body should include a summary and response of every thought or idea in your thesis. If you choose this method, you can use the following organizational model;

  • First body paragraph – analysis of first fact;
  • Second body paragraph – analysis of second fact;
  • Third body paragraph – analysis of third fact;
  • Conclusion.

In order to show you how to write a response paper, we offer the tips provided below. If it is the case you still find these papers difficult, you are welcome to visit our company’s website where you will get more advice on how to successfully write papers like these.

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How Do We Write Response Papers at

  • When you ask us to provide a sample response paper, it is not our custom to invent ideas that do not relate to the work in question.
  • We only take original ideas from the work of other authors into account.
  • All of the response paper examples we provide are created in the correct format. The first part is the introductory section, which is mainly focused on the thesis sentence or statement. We do this by taking your personal experiences into account and aligning them to a particular perception. In the main body section of your paper, we analyze every aspect of the text your work relates to. We particularly concentrate on the most significant aspects. We use special techniques such as simile, metaphor, alliteration, and any other relevant figure of speech to disclose your views. The conclusion is used to present any supporting evidence to back up the analysis we have done. This serves to persuade readers that your essay is a justifiable response to the text you have been asked to analyze.
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