Industry that author selected is Toyota automotive company.

1.0 Background of the Toyota Company

Toyota establish on August 28, 1937 in Japan. Toyota is an international automotive company. Moreover, Toyota can be call as Toyota Motor Corporation (TMS) and Toyota is the largest manufacture and largest automotive company in the worldwide. In additional, Toyota have 51 manufacturing companies in 26 countries.

Principles of the Toyota are producing reliable product with development high quality product, services, and avoid flippant. Employees of Toyota must loyal in work duties, give fully corporation in work area, have the learning heart to learn in everything, creative mind to do sensible work that can successful, and fight to stay ahead of the times.

Since Toyota inception, they have enrich society experience and the DNA of Toyota is Kaizen (improvement) which mean to pursuit for excellence that never ends or stops, through this Toyota can deliver excellent value to customers there are quality, durability, and reliability vehicle. The information technology of Toyota using is System Application & Products (SAP) and Toyota Production System (TPS) function is managing financial, operation of production, and material.

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In additional, slogan of Toyota is ‘Moving Forward’ which is continuously work to achieve in life because Toyota believe that there’s not best but can be more better. Moving Forward can described as innovation and discovery of the Toyota Company, which will never give up to achieve more because they believe there’s always a new challenge awaiting them to breakthrough (


The issues are an important topic that people are discussed and argue about the companies.

2.0 The issues happen in Toyota

2.10 Project Failure: Toyota in Crisis Recall All Automobile.

In year 2005 Toyota was recalled back all automobile Prius Hybrid vehicle around 160, 000 because of the vehicles warning lights illuminating for no reason. Moreover, gasoline engine for the vehicle was stalling suddenly (Smart and Ma Jie, 2010).

2.20 Strategy/ Initiatives:Inside Toyota’s R & D Strategy.

Toyota now makes a breakthrough of using hybrid technology in the market because want to breaking the automobile for addiction to petroleum for long century. Toyota launched in 1996 and Toyota is the first leader develop hybrid technology and promise for every Toyota model by 2020 (Fairley, 2009).

2.30 New technology: Toyota Offers Back-Seat Passengers a New Window to the World concept.

Toyota Company was designing the New Window at back-seat and it is a touch screen glass to see far distance’s object. Therefore, it is just touch and pinch to zoom the area and learn more things from the outside windows (Glucker, 2011).

2.40 Global MIS/ Risks: Recall All Automotive because of Pedal Assembly.

In year 2007, Toyota was recalls all the automobiles back such as the vehicles and truck because of their floor mats ran the risk of sliding forward and trapping the gas pedal. Hence, its cause the vehicles fire when accidentally hit with another car (Victor and John, 2011).

Therefore, Toyota can become Number One largest automaker in the world, by adhering Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing and Toyota Production System (TPS).

2.5 Security/Threats: Toyota Security Upgrade

Recently newspapers and articles have highlighted about some certain of the automobile models are ease to be stolen. Therefore, Toyota was develop new security bracket which is the steel bracket it is made to fit the ECU (unit that controls the immobilizer) with the wireless transponder key and engine immobilizer. It is to protect the unit from tampered with it.

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Now, in the whole market Toyota was distributed to the entire Toyota dealership network. In additional, clients can also arrange for installation to their automotive (


The issues are important to Toyota Company and now Toyota was finds a new way to solve the problem and continue operation in the organization.

3.0  Solution for the Toyota Company

3.10 Project Failure: Toyota in Crisis Recall All Automobile.

Toyota was offering the new generation security to the entire vehicle such as provide customer service 24/7 available safety connect to the customers when customers had any problem on their vehicle. In additional, Toyota was offer customers GPS technology for all the vehicles with 1 year trial when purchases any Toyota’s vehicle (Tinto, 2008).

3.20 Strategy/ Initiatives:Inside Toyota’s R & D Strategy.

Toyota was developing the few solutions for the hybrid system such as parallel, mild, and etc. It is very important for us or Toyota Company to do research and development (R&D) to expand the scope and chooses the best always. Hence, include advanced diesel engines, tiny battery-powered commuter electric cars, fuel cells, and half-dozen kinds of hybrids (Fairley, 2009).

3.30 New technology: Toyota Offers Back-Seat Passengers a New Window to the World concept.

Toyota was inventing window to their automotive, which is call as New Window to the World Concept and was offering the window to Toyota vehicle back-seat. It is made it by the camera and scanner, GPS, and also the internet connectivity. So whenever where the person goes to the world, what the things want to see or views. It is all can use finger tips by just frame it the glass window and it is easy to use (Difrawi, 2011).

3.40 Global MIS/ Risks: Recall All Automotive because of Pedal Assembly.

Toyota was improve the quality and make a decision to install the Smart Stop Technology for all the Vehicles because this function can automatic reduce the engine power when vehicle’s brake and accelerator pedals press in  the same time (Bratton, 2010).  Moreover, the automaker will remove customers’ doubts according to the quality of the automotives because they will fix the automotive by using short-term solution and long-term solution.

Besides that, short-term fix is it the cars will receive the metal shim to insert on the pedal because to expand the spring tensions to replace back the original pedal assembly. For long-term fix is it needed to redesign the pedal assembly (Jones, 2009).

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3.50 Security/Threats: Toyota Security Upgrade

Toyota finally using TippingPointIPS system solves the problem because this system is reliable, fast, and safe. In previous, Toyota research security solutions from Cisco, Symantec, McAfee, and ISS but the solution not as good as Tipping Point IPS system because Tipping Point IPS system are smartest, advanced security solution, ease to manage and develop due to are standard-based and can interoperable with all the hardware. Moreover, Toyota was using just-in-time (JIT) to lean the production methodology, can know as the Toyota Production System (TPS). As we know that, Toyota Company was the first automotive invent TPS of manufacturing in worldwide (CEO, 2007).                      


To learn how Toyota Company solving problem and the author own opinion in these essay.

4.0 To Reinforce Solution

4.10 Project Failure: Toyota in Crisis Recall All Automobile.

There have three things will cause project failure such as lack of a clearly designated project leader, lack of clear expectations and goals, and communication challenges.

Therefore, it is can cause long haul for the automaker. As we know that, to build trust in a vehicle need take few years to build it but it is can be damaged overnight. Moreover, this was led GM try to lure away potential Toyota customers. So Toyota need to rebuilding and fortifying a global supply chain. Hence, Toyota was refusal to pay attention to the consumers will cause management failure that ultimately led to its massive vehicle recalls.

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Traditional of Toyota management practices have not kept up with their expanding presence in the world. Toyota is like the intelligence community and has no developed their capability to make a sense of the data which is available to them. They have no any alternative to use in business intelligence (BI) tools to understand their evolving in the situation. Everyone of us needs to grasp the reality is the systems and the situations rely on people must confront the fact of human beings make a mistakes. Every one of us can make a mistake. Hence, we must find those mistakes in a timely way and be responsible of the mistake and will separate the best organizations from all others.

My commentary is Toyota was so much for quality, continuous improvement and learning because Toyota is dealing with a world of teetering and out of control at any minute. They are the canary in the mine for every company that has a complex product which are developed, manufactured, and sold throughout the world. Thus, we should be thankful because of that it is a Toyota Company with their legacy of the solving problem and giving respect for people who the one at the forefront of solve the intensify complexity and dispersed model.

4.20 Strategy/ Initiatives: Inside Toyota’s R & D Strategy.

In contrast, Toyota was sells more hybrids than any other automotive company. Toyota was focusing on hybrids part because of Toyota it knows the technology will be works due to it is has years of real-world testing with the Prius. The reason of success of the Prius has enabled Toyota to drive down costs with high-volume production.

My commentary is hybrids will be more successful than electric vehicles and outselling. Many automakers are spreading their attention among several options because no one will know what type of technology will be the winner in the automobile industry.

Hence, which mean that automakers are making all-electric vehicles, ordinary hybrids, and plug-in hybrids, which is contain the larger batteries than ordinary hybrids and can charged via ordinary electric outlet. In additional, plug-in hybrids are use less gasoline than conventional hybrids.

4.30 New technology: Toyota Offers Back-Seat Passengers a New Window to the World concept.

My commentary are this is different because New Window looking are look more like a smart phone touch screen compare than a car and it is also sheathed in an enliven material that can be change the color and graphics instantly. Besides that, from outside New Window look it normal but in interior is futuristic because it is making generous in the technology. But most important thing is automobile company must give us a very teach-friendly in future.

4.40 Global MIS/ Risks: Recall All Automotive because of Pedal Assembly.

Even Toyota is the international company if any problems happen in the industry will cause the company reputation be affect badly and the consumers will be stay aware and will to be think thrice before buy the vehicle. In between, it is might cause long-lasting damage of the automobile and the prospects for all the auto workers across in the world. As we know that Toyota is the well known organization and is the first invent the Toyota Production System (TPS), kaizen, Just-In-Time (JIT), and etc.

My commentary is Toyota must capture the interest of the customers and the stakes are extremely high for the company to focus on global supply chain. In my view, what make the particular thing so difficult situation it is that Toyota was dealing with a problem that is seems to have lack of perspicuity in term of root-cause, and significant of implications if there do not managed smartly.

4.50 Security/Threats: Toyota Security Upgrade

My commentary is designed is to deliver the in-depth application protection, infrastructure and performance protection for corporate enterprises, government agencies, service providers, and also academic institutions.

In additional, it was include TppingPoint Security Management System (SMS), which designed is hardened application enable to make a collection of comprehensive, real-time reports, blocked attacks, information on network hosts and services.

Therefore, TippingPoint IPS is helps safeguard supply chain management and other critical networked business systems from DOS attacks, worms, spyware, and Trojans. Moreover, have to be aware of other might be causing host will be destruction attacks.


In conclusion, quality of Toyota is affect will give among consumers, dealers, and even the company’s employees confusing.

Toyota need to deal with a deepening recall crisis that can threaten its brand and reputation for the quality, because Toyota always concern about customers’ satisfaction and at the same time they will taking bold action to overcome the difficulties situation. In additional, Toyota recalls its cars in worldwide it is danger for them because can affect the consumers’ perceptions of the brand and their purchases intentions.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) was established based on two concepts. First is called as “jidoka” (automation with a human touch) which means that when a problem occurs, the equipment will stop immediately and to preventing defective products from being produced. Second is “Just-in-Time,” which is for process produces only because what is needed by the next process in continuous flow. Basic on philosophies of jidoka and Just-in-Time, TPS is efficiently, quickly produce automobile, and sound quality, thus, that is fully satisfy customer requirements.

As we know, in those years Toyota keep updated with the technology and maintain their benefits of the traditional to improve and develop in new products. Today, Toyota had successful and became one of the largest manufacture company in the world. Toyota proves to the public with their quality of products. This had helped them to gain a lot of loyalty customer. So that, it can make sure the effectiveness of products is in excellent condition. Some peoples might think that Toyota products price too expensive. However, I personally think that it’s worth to pay for it because of the quality and effectiveness of the products. 

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