The Historical and Contemporary Roles of Media in Society

The history of all media in the world has a very changing nature as it develops in line with people of every single nation. Historically, the media channels were not that much different from today. The overall aspects of them were amusement, selling the goods and services, manufacturing goods, and selling them as well as advertising the brand name or an innovation that takes place in the world, and purchasing the things of interest to the majority of people.

Today, there are not that many differences with only exception that people name the conventional things differently. In any case, the role of mass media in the past and present plays an important role in the society today. It is empowered to a higher extent with the help of modern technologies that help develop the electronic and digital media (Fang, 1997, p. 280).

The Difference in Development of Chemical and Electronic Technologies such as Photography, Recording, and Transmission

Since the development of mass media was fast in its nature, the people started to think of the alternatives as well as add-ons to what existed before such as newspapers, magazines and books. All the paper-based production now turned to the Internet resources. The reason for such a change is the objectives of different people along with their willingness to access more entertainment on the regular basis and for free. The new age of chemical and electronic technologies is a fast growing international market that grows immensely with the help of new electronic and digital media such as photography, recording, and transmission. Such a rapid change was cruel for the standard paper-based media production and replaced it with the electronic base of Internet files that are available all over the world (Baran, 2001, p. 519).

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The world of photography is one of the most significant for the contemporary media channels. The reason for such a demand is hidden in the history of images that could leave a trace of any moment and could serve as a time machine that could send you back to the past. The digital age technologies made it even more challenging and involving for the people of different industries. Thus, there are different photographers worldwide as well as the companies that distribute the high-tech cameras. It is done for the several reasons: for the better quality of images and consequently it is aimed to create the longer lasting photographs to send people in the past for a longer period than before (Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, 1996, p. 342).

The next step of technological growth addresses the possibility to record the media of all kinds, which is a huge leap for the multi-media industry as a whole. The sphere of records has become more powerful than ever due to the new technologies evolution. Today, people can easily record different kinds of media such as music and videos using a simple but all-including medium such as tapes, CDs, DVDs, pm3s, and many others (Fang, 1997, p. 280).

Finally, the transmission comes next in the evolution of the mass media. Now, it is possible to maintain the radio broadcasting, which also allows free communication services all over the place. If to go deeper into details, there are several types of transmission such as broadband and baseband. It gives a possibility to freely access the television with its multiple channels of transmission and communicate with other people in distance (Baran, 2001, p. 519).

How Mass Media Uses the Technological Innovations

The technological innovations play an incredible role in the mass media communication. The fast-growing technology brings the power and knowledge of all the possible online applications that people can collect easily through the Internet. The innovations are possible due to the ideal computer-based communication technologies that help bringing down the price for the multimedia transfer. Consequently, the mass media products and services have covered the market in all the possible volumes and technological innovations make it more challenging for the future generations (Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, 1996, p. 342).

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Information technologies nowadays are the integral and thus inevitable part of a daily life of every individual on the planet. Today, when talking about any area a human has to deal with, people cannot think of anything but technological appliances as it turns out that there are almost no operations that could be managed without a personal computer (Baran, 2001, p. 519).

The fact of a computer age is inevitable and it is rather obvious that no matter how hard people use the former mass mediums it is not possible to pursue any information without an Internet. At the same time, it does not make any difference what experience people have in life but without knowing computer technologies, it is impossible to show oneself to the public. Thus, the mass media channels turn out to be the most reliable sources of technological innovations and its distributions towards the potential growth and development (Fang, 1997, p. 280).

How the Development of Digital Technology Affected the Content, Distribution, and Style of Electronic Media

Through the years, every technology will have an effect on the development of the mass media and the digital technology is not an exception. With this development, the technologies of the modern age affected various channels of electronic media such as content, distribution, and style. The most effect is addressed towards the entertainment sector of the digital technology industry. The way people evaluate the content has changed drastically, including the distribution channels. Besides, such changes are not possible without the creation and consumption of the same electronic technologies, so they have improved in the same way in order to address the needs of different people (Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, 1996, p. 342).

All the advancements of the digital media age empowered the telephone technologies to grow faster in the meaning to develop the comfort of communication for people. The businesses of all kinds also have been affected by these changes in the digital technologies and electronic media channels. There is no need to talk about the use of the Internet, as it became the domestic tool for the purpose of leisure activities. Such changes were rather effective, fast and comfortable due to the changes in the information technologies (Fang, 1997, p. 280).

How the Role of Mass Media Has Changed with These Developments

In view of the fact that the modern developments have taken place, they played a vital role in the mass media progress. It considers different tiny Internet projects and huge technological advancements in the era of communication. Many people including scientists pinpoint the enormous advantages of the Internet development over the mass media channels.

According to public opinion, Internet technologies as well as the digital media are the fast, cheap in publishing, distribution, and other costs, it needs a small amount of labor and provides no restriction of space, time, and zone. In other words, the changes in the electronic media addresses the conclusion that today’s market comes to more of a social networking or internet base, which is a great tool to allow different companies to grow and deliver the goods and services to people all over the world, and make it a global technology lane.

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These days, knowing the internet, mass media, and modern technologies means using its derivatives such as social network. Such a development results in prosperity of the digital era and it does matter that a great amount of people cannot live without the modern appliances any more. It is the scope of the digital life and it will not stop its progress; there is only one thing people would do in the next decade and this is fight for the better media channels and digital life in the sphere of the modern technologies of the future (Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, 1996, p. 342).

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