When the agency representatives visited class, describe your thoughts about discussed agencies.

I was extremely excited to see all the different vendors who came, and it was very hard to choose which agency I wanted to work in. This is due to the fact that, all agencies were eager to help us, students, to combine what we had been taught on community based activities, thus help us to address issues affecting the community. However, some of the agencies failed to show up, which was a huge disappointment. Further, all agencies were professional.

Discuss how you will make a decision about in which agency you prefer to work

When I was making my decision, I knew I wanted to work with teens (Youth at Risk), though I failed to have a chance to choose the agency to work with. As a result, I was assigned to the Capital Senior Center, although I did not like to work with the elderly members of the society.

The mission and the other information about Capital Senior Center

Capital Senior Center, headquartered in Columbia, is a non-profit center of recreation and is created for adults of at least 50 years. The center offers modernistic physical fitness, educational and cultural activities, also free parking for the members of the center on a daily basis. The mission of this center is to keep elder people physically fit, intellectually stimulated, socially engaged and independent (Capital Senior Center, 2012). To achieve this, Capital Senior Center provides well-maintained circuit training equipment, gyms, fitness classes, which are professionally-led ranging tai chi chih, aerobics, pilates,yoga et al. Educational and cultural classes offered by this center include language, craft and art activities, tour and travel opportunities among others. Social events include Signature dance concerts, music lessons and a great amount of others events, which are open to the public (Capital Senior Center, 2012).

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The Population Served by Capital Senior Center

Capital Senior Center is meant for adults aged 50 and above. Currently, the organization serve 850 members aged between 50 and 95. Other activities carried out by the organizations on a monthly basis include: allocating 174 hours to social activities, allocating 45 hours to cultural activities and, allocating 320 hours to exercise/fitness (Capital Senior Center, 2012).

What do you think will happen when you go to work in the agency?

Working in this organization will be an exciting venture for me. Firstly, I have learnt a lot in school on how to keep fit and how to attract members of society through the various social activities that we have performed overtime. Therefore, this knowledge will help the 850 members to stay physically fit while at the same time helping them to be socially engaged with the help of exercises which ameliorate aging impact, combined with different activities (Capital Senior Center, 2012). Secondly, my perception of working with the elderly will enormously change. The elderly people will share with their huge lifetime experience, will guide me on how I can shape my life as a young person, moreover making a higher number of friends in comparison to work with Youths at Risk among other agencies.

Describe how you think the first few interviews will go?

The first few interviews will focus on the issue of my readiness to work with elderly members of the society. In most cases, young people feel immense hardships when dealing with the elderly because of difference in age, perception and ability to perform tasks. During the interviews, the management of Capital Senior Center will significantly be interested on my ability to help the organization in fulfillment of its mission through activities such as teaching yoga as well as organizing social activities like dance lessons for the elderly (Capital Senior Center, 2012).

What concerns you the most about working in the agency?

One of the issues that concern me more about working for Capital Senior Center is the duration which I will be able to work effectively with the elderly. This is because they have varied needs if compare to my fellow youths. Further, I will be required to attend classes, which will help me to learn the various cultures.

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What excites you the most about working in the agency?

It is my first time to work with the elderly people, and I hope to learn from them some ways I can perfect my life as a young person and a student. Further, I will be able to give back to the community the experience which I received during the classes. Moreover, the community will offer me with the necessary educational experience.

When do you plan to take your service learning hours?

I plan to do my service learning hours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings and after classes on every Tuesday and Thursday.

Describe anything else about your service learning project that you want me to know?

This is one of the best opportunities I have ever had as a student to interact with the community we operate in, and more specifically the elderly members of the society. The experience gained will significantly help me in participating in community based activities in the future, as well as to foster the engagement of our school with the larger community (Indiana University, 2011).

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