Clients with Altered Immunity Essay Sample

Clients with Altered Immunity

Procedure for Clients with Altered Immunity

On a first visit to the home of Sam Wlaters, 43 year old HIV positive adult on treatment for PCP and is unaware of his HIV status, the following initial assessments will be done. A physical symptoms assessment including general health, lesions, allergies, swellings, skin condition among others will be done (“Pearson”, 2012). A dietary assessment aims to check whether Mr. Walters have sufficient and quality diet to enable his immune system deal with this kind of condition. Another assessment is to do with Mr. Walters’ sex life to lay a platform for ensuring that, even though he lives alone, any occasional encounters are safe for involved partners. Another assessment will be on his hygiene in order to discourage opportunistic ailments, include guards against bad weather (“Home Remedies”, 2012). The primary nursing diagnosis regarding Mr. Walter’s home care is food, medical and environmental immunity enhancement following a medical diagnosis of reduced immunity due to infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The specific goals with regard to Mr. Walter’s home care are to ensure that his daily food intake is standard and nutritionally adequate for immunity restoration to help him avoid common ailments. Another goal is to ensure regular uptake of necessary medication and supplements prescribed to restore health and avoid infections. Such supplements may include Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs and vitamin supplements. Some most important interventions for this diagnosis include patient awareness creation and consistent medicine uptake (“Home Remedies”, 2012).

Evaluation of Mr. Walter’s progress in meeting the objectives of the diagnosis can be done through meeting health restoration targets as evidenced by maintenance of a healthy Body Mass Index and reduction in cases of opportunistic infections (“Pearson”, 2012). In addition, his ability to retain healthy interactions with those he relates with and have personal dignity (“Home Remedies”, 2012).

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