The essay critically evaluates the concept of change and culture with an organization. In this case, a change has occurred through merge of two health care organizations propelled by competition between these two organizations.  The paper argues out having in mind that the merge results to several inpatient and outpatient services that my organization did not offer. The paper in addition addresses the effects of the sale (merge) on the culture of the new combined organization; I also bring to light what I would do to ensure that the combine staff will work together to provide quality care without taking on competitive stance. The paper finally describes what the organization will look like in terms of systems and shape.

Organizational change has become part and parcel of all organization/companies and according to Robbins (2003), if an organization has to gallantly survive, and then it must adopt changes and effectively managing it. In addition, managers need to overcome resistance and develop and appreciate the benefit of having in place policies concerning change.                                                                                   It has been generally accepted by various scholars and researchers that the main drivers of organizational change are competition, world politics, social trend, technology, nature of work, and aging workforce among others.

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Generally speaking, culture has been thought as the way things are done within a given setting and refers to norms, beliefs, values and attitudes which play a part in determining how individuals or a group in an organization behaves. Culture include such factors as the relationship between the organization and its customers, suppliers, type and level of collaborative decision making, the pace and steps followed in making decisions, level of controls and formality, risk tolerance, rewarding performance to mention but a few.

 Organizational change is the wide range alteration, accumulation and or elimination of official, designed or supported service constituent as well as its associated credentials. The concept does not include smaller changes but rather wide-range changes which include changes in mission adoption of new technology, mergers, right sizing, acquisitions, major collaboration, adoption of new programs for instance total quality management, re-engineering.

As a result of the merge between my healthcare organization with the one having inpatient and outpatient services which mine lacked, there are four main goals that for organizational change to be successful, they opt to be fully addressed via effective change management, the goals are to minimize the impact of the merge on productivity and quality service delivery, avoiding unnecessary employee turnover, eliminate any adverse impact on clients, suppliers and customers and finally to achieve the desired business outcomes as soon as anticipated.  

The merge

Mergers in this case of the two healthcare organizations had in mind a number of objectives which might include a combination of these; becoming stronger increase in size and more financial resources and at the same time cutting down costs, increasing productivity, provision of quality healthcare services, having more energy and human resources to foster attainment of vision and mission and generally utilizing strengths of the two organization- synergize so that what is achieved cannot be done when the two separately operates. 

In addition, the merge aid increased mutual trust between leaders, manage disagreement, tension and bring to an end the unhealthy competition that existed. Merging gives the emergent corporation opportunities to explore more options within the organization, provide chances for success hence future survival of the ‘weaker’ organization, this means that there will be no collapse of business and its dire consequences to employees.  

Effects of the merge on culture

According to Gallagher (2000), mergers usually affect organization and the impact is seen on three broad categories; over your shoulder effect, winner and loser effect and the cultural isolation effect, it is the later that will be discussed as it directly relates to organizational culture.

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It has been documented that when successfully and effectively managed, organizational change positive impacts on organizational culture for instance it enhance clarity in mission, high support for innovation, accountability standards, degree of adaptability, integrity at place of work, enhances empowered employee who are commitment to the organization, more customer centered organization, strong relationship build on trust, effective 360 degree communication, effective systems and processes, highly effective leadership styles, adoption of performance-based compensation and reward systems, commitment in education and training aimed at knowledge creation and development and laying more emphasis in recruiting and retaining outstanding workforce.

In addition, the merge will bring about diversity within the new corporation, which when well managed bring a lot of good towards change in culture of the organization. Increase in cultural diversity is an important area when we consider its effect on nature of the workforce. Due to the merge, employees having different background, manners, cultures language thoughts and ideas which when developed and nurtured increases novelty, effectiveness and creativity (Morello, 2002). Robbins, 2003 said that diversity improves decision making by bringing at stake varied perspective on how to handle emerging issues within an organization.

It will not be rational and complete if I do not mention poor management of change as a result of the merge. According to Gallagher, (2000) there are a number of uncomfortable patterns about mergers which include; a merge with an organizational culture characterized by mistrust, rejection, fantasy, trepidation, fretfulness and culpability life cycle organization, loss of jobs and stunted growth, a situation of a winner and a loser as time unfolds, there is a feeling which is deemed true that one organization is transferring its assets to another without acknowledging it and finally mergers in most cases set objectives and goals that are not attainable, which has made researcher conclude that half of mergers usually fail.

Despite these problems, I will not be coward but put my best foot forward and strive and put my best in ensuring that I propelled the new corporation towards attaining its goals and objectives that in the first place brought the two organizations together.

Managing the merge to ensure that the combine staff works together

After adopting the desired change, the challenge usually is in ensuring that the resultant combination/merge yields the desired goals and objectives, this is only possible when there is effective change management. For me to fully and effectively manage the resultant corporation, I will have to bare in mind that and have two points of view; organizational change management which lays emphasis on broad change management practices and skills which will aid the organization fully comprehend, accept and support the change and the other is from employees point of view which is termed as individual change management. The later is very significant since it is the workers who are bestowed with the responsibilities of implementing the adopted change, thus laying emphasis will equip the staff with the needed techniques to assist them with the change.

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It is worth mentioning that I will do thorough assessment of skills, knowledge and possibly the willingness of all the employees ready to undergo training and education. As a leader, I will use this opportunity to seek harmony and avoid issue that may bring tension for instance; I won’t tell the employees that this is a new organization but rather an integration of two organizations with same vision of providing quality healthcare services and at the same time care for its employees. This will be achieved partly by pinpointing subcultures that are not in collision and integrate them.

Careful planning, detailed designed and thorough implementation are what contribute to greater change success (DeWitt, 2004). As a middle class manager, I will first and foremost establish an open relationship between employees and the management and the former. This will ensure that the reasons for the merge is fully understood, communicated and articulated, having this in mind, when these individuals are actively involve in decision making, chance are high for them to accept and adopt the merge without much resistance. I will use the open relationship to effectively communicate across to the entire workers to dispel the fears and anxiety which comes with mergers, acquisition that they will loose jobs, pay cut among other issues; this will make them at ease and ready to concentrate to successfully adopting change and work together.

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To stimulate employees’ innovation, I will empower them in developing and coming up with new ideas/concepts which will be vital for the organization transition through changes as they will work together. When employees are delegated with responsibilities, authority and are trusted and encourage, good blood will automatically develop between these two set of employees. Allen, 2002 in a research established that employees who were of the opinion that their bosses/supervisors are very trustworthy and reliable were more positive towards there work and much more loyal to the organization.

I will establish work teams this will on the basis of diversity and capabilities. This will help employees impart and share critical knowledge with their colleagues. I will make them appreciate the fact that being in a team is not a punishment but an opportunity. It has been argued that diversity bring about a positive creative tension that aims at increasing intellectual curiosity, supporting critical and creative thinking setting a stage for creative problem solving to challenges facing organizations during change, this results to organizational effective management of the change (Shiplett, 2003).

Although it has been argued that allocation of organization’s budget to education and training may not yield the desire results if the whole process is not well designed, planned, designed and implemented, I still hold the opinion that it is equally important especially when it comes to education, training and buying of equipments. This will greatly help my employees who have not handle inpatient and outpatient services, undergoing training will make them feel at per with their colleagues and the fear of loosing their jobs will not arise.

Last but not least, I will pass across to the employees that for long-term success, I will continuously monitor and assess emerging issues as we carry on with provision of healthcare services and products to our esteemed customers. This will ensure that additional intercessions are arrived and executed when needed to enhance harmony and results, similarly, various aspects concerning the merge that directly or indirectly touches on employees interaction are to be refined and revised this will be done from the experience as the life of the new corporation unfolds, all these are important as they will make all the employees feeling secure hence motivated and higher organizational commitment.

System and shape of the new corporation

If I manage the change effectively and successful, I fore see a system and shape that is more effective-generally what has been termed as organizational effectiveness. In addition the corporation will have at its disposal inpatient and outpatients services which will meet aspirations and changing need of customers. The leadership style created will positively impact in continual development of culture which fosters employee motivation, participation in decision making, effective communication, employees’ job satisfaction and hence greater organizational commitment.

The organization structure of the corporation will entail the citizen / residence of the city in which the healthcare is located, elected representatives (mayor, city counselor, elders) or shareholders, non-physician staff and then the physician staff, the later comprising of treating and non treating physicians. In general, the system and shape of the new corporation will have been streamlined in order to attain the desired goals of the mergers (Kader, 2001).


Change is inevitable and those organizations that burry their head in the sand are deemed to fail in this competitive world. There are various forces that propel organization to change and these include social trends, politics, competition, new technology, nature of work, and aging workforce.  Organizational change takes various forms for instance merging, acquisition, restructuring, resizing, and re-engineering all these impact on culture of any organization. Mergers positively impact on organizational culture and otherwise if the change not well and effectively managed. Change management is key in ensuring that the corporation as a result of the merge is successful and gallantly survive.  To ensure that that the employees of the two healthcare organization work together, I will create an open relationship in which we can effectively communicate, encourage education and training, have in place a mechanism of post merging monitoring. The merge between the two organizations will result to a completely changed shapes and systems.


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