The National Alliance for Hispanic Health is a leading nonprofit science based organisation. The organisation mainly focuses on enhancing the well-being and health of the Hispanics in the United States. As a non profit organisation the National Alliance for Hispanic Health is registered under the status 501(c)(3), which means that it is a social or non profit organisation that is exempted from tax ( (2010). The organisation provides for national advocacy, action and research round-table for the Hispanics Health. This organisation champions for reforms in the health sector to ensure that every Hispanic is accorded the best health services possible. Only reform that facilitate accountability are advocated for and the organisation further relay information to the consumers as well as mobilize them to support the course for reforms that ensure accountability and service to all members of the Hispanic community. Certainly, the organisation acts in best interest of the Hispanics to help health care and human service providers to avail excellent, culturally effective care as well as encourage philanthropy. Likewise, National Alliance for Hispanic Health pushes for all kind or researches conducted in the medical arena to be culturally-inclusive so as to generate better-informed ideas and decisions and press on for the utilization of technology that advantageous to the environment.

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The organisation Mission and vision

National Alliance for Hispanic Health like every other organisation has a mission and a vision stipulated in a mission and vision statements respectively.

The organizations mission is:  

To improve the Health of Hispanics communities and work with other to secure health for all. The National Alliance for Hispanic health is the nation’s foremost source of information of Hispanics health and a science base and community driven advocate for health (NAHH, 2010b)

On the other hand the organizations vision is:

Strong health communities whose contributions are recognized by a society that fosters the health, well-being, and prosperity of all its members (NAHH, 2010b).

The staffing of the organisation

The organisation staff consists of various medical experts, technologists and other managerial and clerical staff who are employed of work on voluntary basis.  The member of staff are mostly drawn form the Hispanic community living within the Hispanic community. The recruitment of medical practitioner is mainly based on the medical services the organisation provides to its members. The organisation is governed by a board of governors that that help in the managing of its operations. The board has representative in the various departments of the organisation. The organisation has a president who also serves as the CEO, an overall vice president, a vice president in charge of technology, chief finance officer and director in its various departments (NAHH, 2010b).

The key stake holders

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health has various stakeholders that are affected or benefit from its existence and others who impact on its existence. Certainly, the community forms one large major stakeholder given that it is the community that the organisation exists to serve. The organisation as such provides membership to individual and organisation that become par of the stakeholders immediately they join. The other stake holders include patients, clinician, payers and policy makers. The Board of governors and management team influence the direction of development, however policy maker are very influential and their decision greatly affect the organization.

The board of governor and the management team influence the direction of the organization by deciding on what to do at a particular time for instance, the may decide when to conduct a particular research in a given region or whether to change technology. On the other hand policy makers being part of the government seek to stamp the will of the government on all organization within its boarder, in this regard the policy maker state the arena within which the organisation will perform its trade-the privileges, limitation and others. 

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Community collaborations, marketing and public relations strategies

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health encourages the community to seek membership individually or collectively be providing incentives such as discounts on medical publications. These also serve as marketing strategies seeking popularity and market for its products. The organisation works with other community based organizations to identify and manage various health conditions affecting the communities. Subsequently, the organisation passes across to the communities’ information concerning carious conditions such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and others. This collaboration is important both parties since they facilitate sharing of information and implementation of the agendas of all the parities involved. For instance, they can conduct research together and share strategies and goals thus furthering their agenda. The organisation maintains a mutual relationship with the public and the media in order to preserve it image ((NAHH, 2010a).

Demonstration of the value of diversity

Like every other organisation in the present dynamic word, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health understands the importance of diversity. In provision of its services the organisation does not limit itself to the Hispanics alone since diseases are not confined to a single race. The organisation facilitates multiracial trial of new medicines noting how people across the racial divide respond to treatment by these drugs. Diversity can also be seen in its membership as it recruits professionals, students and general members of the society.

Environmental tends

In the present day society, organizations are face by various environmental trends that affect them politically, economically, socially and technologically, and certainly National Alliance for Hispanic Health is not exempted. Politics influence management if the country and the management of the organisation since it shape the policies of the nation and certainly policies that govern such organizations. Economically, the organization faces various economical challenges that impact on its financial abilities. For instance the recent economic crunch affected the ability of many financiers thus affecting the organisation as well. Social challenges are also numerous given the diversified nature of the society with numerous dynamic beliefs that affect how the society relates with the organisation. Such relationship can also be shaped by political and economical factors. Technological, the organisation operated under a dynamic world where technology changes rapidly. It thus has to struggle to keep u with these changes. Certainly, the organization is managing these trends properly by ensuring it keeps abreast with every new development.

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