Advertising has always been one of the most valuable elements in the development of the company and its growth. Today, there are numerous companies offering their services to business by aiming to create unique and unforgettable advertisements. Wieden+Kennedy is one of the most popular companies involved in advertising business. The following discussion reflects the company’s profile, history, achievements, vision, and mission. In this way, it will become possible to evaluate the company’s activity from both internal and external environments.


Wieden+Kennedy is an independent advertising agency, which performs by creating provocative and creative advertisements for famous companies willing to build reliable relations with customers. The agency has an army of creative employees producing advertisements for Nike, KFC, Spotify, Samsung, and many other famous brands. Its main peculiarity is that it is capable of standing to the rivalry in its sphere of activity thanks to the fresh approach towards advertising. The agency welcomes employees with the most unbelievable ideas, which may be shocking and exciting at the same time.

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The agency started its performance in 1982, in Portland, Oregon. The company began its advertising activity by working with Nike and creating its well-known slogan, which shines brightly at every advertising poster. By 1990, it has already become one of the best advertising agencies in the US (“Wieden + Kennedy – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information On Wieden + Kennedy”). From this moment, the company started its active growth and consequently opened new offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Delhi. The company’s global presence allows it being an optimal leader in its sphere of activity.


One of the main principles of the company’s performance is a gratitude to every employee and his creativity spent on creating unique advertisements. Wieden+Kennedy highly values every contribution to the company’s success as long as both owners know the price of working hard to create something new, catchy, and outstanding at the same time. Another principle of the company refers to welcoming every inventive idea and developing it in the massive advertising platform. It boosts a motivation and organization of the performance of every employee.


The main philosophy supported by the company is that creativity does not have any formula. This idea is encouraged by both owners of the company believing that employees should be free from any framework while thinking about another advertisement. In addition, the company does not consider itself as a professional one in the field of advertising. Instead, the company positions itself as a traveler in the world of advertising and business in general. The company’s motto lies in the following statement (“Our Work | Integrated Advertising Campaigns | Wieden+Kennedy”): “Advertising is a weapon; be careful where you point it.” The best motivation for the employees lies in the company’s mission, which encourages them “to do the best work of their lives” (Murphy and Reiman).


The target audience of the company includes various multinational corporations, small businesses, and other business entities willing to have a unique advertising. From the promotional point of view, the company aims to make its products outstanding. It does not keep in a secret its collaboration with well-known brands. Every interview involving the owners of the company and its representatives is full of dignity and gratitude for the opportunity to work with one of the most successful companies in the world. In addition, every client of the agency is willing to share his experience from working with Weiden+Kennedy. In this way, the society is aware of the agency’s contribution to the success of the majority of companies.

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The following slogans belong to the most famous companies of the contemporary business. Wieden+Kennedy succeeded to create effective and catchy advertisements for them.

“Just do it” (Nike)

“Where do you want to go today?” (Microsoft)

“The man your man could smell like” (Old Spice)

“Thanks, Mom” (Procter & Gamble)

“Yours” (Diet Coke Campaign for Coca-Cola)


The company’s promotional videos made for Nike won two Emmy Awards, which make it a foremost leader in advertising. The Gunn Report titled the agency as the most awarded advertising companyin the world. Moreover, different magazines also pointed at its creative activity. In 2008, Adweek magazine admitted the company’s advertisement for Coca-Cola during Super Bowl as the best commercial of the decade.


The search for the company’s reputation and feedback from employees gave some information, which criticizes the agency’s performance. Many employees complained that the internal environment is toxic as long as getting a promotion is almost impossible. Former employees also mentioned that the salary is low, and that designers are undervalued. In fact, an official website of the agency does not reflect any problems or negative feedback. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that Wieden+Kennedy grows continually and learns how to fix its mistakes.


It is difficult to outline that some companies dominate over the others in the clients list of Wieden+Kennedy. The company’s evaluation proved that it successfully works with companies working in sports, cosmetics, snack and beverage, and consumer goods industries. Coca-Cola, Avon, Old Spice, Nike, Spotify, and other companies formulate the long list of satisfied clients of Wieden+Kennedy.


A detailed analysis of the company helped to understand the nature of its performance. It reflected a brief overview of the principles and postulates supported by the company towards success. In general, it is possible to conclude by saying that Wieden+Kennedy remains one of the most outstanding and creative companies all over the world. It deserves its reputation and awards building its success and development in advertising sphere.

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