Children of today are the children of multi-tasking, because even today’s high-tech toy for the little ones, not to mention all sorts of gadgets for large, multifunctional, and these functions can be used simultaneously.

Once upon a time we were told the legend of Julius Caesar, who was able to do several things at once. And here we were, say, a mere mortal, is not available.

But today, where Julius Caesar to the modern child, in comparison with which it several things at once we seem to be simply childish.

The magazine “Time” even called modern generation of children, “M”, where “M” – just simply multitask.

The modern child, listening to music, crossing the road and writing with SMS-message, explaining to passers-by to get to the right place.

Scientists have even described the phenomenon of “teen multitasking”, implying that the ability to at the same time to do several things at once. For example, listen to the radio, watch TV while sitting at the computer, where for a long time already loaded chat, but still somehow managing to carry a lot of homework or talking on a cell phone.

We used to have a child in one ear, insert the earphone from the player to listen to others what is happening around us and participate in discussions.

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We used to have that we talk to him, and he writes SMS-message and still offended if we make remarks because it is very difficult to understand why we were all so annoying, because for many children is the norm. The modern pace of life requires it. Time – the deficit. How to grasp the immensity in a constant time pressure? Well, of course, doing many things at one time and at once-what a bad outing.

Maybe not bad, if a person really would be adjusted for such problems, because it is very difficult to break all the time between the lot of them.

If it is broken – it’s stressful, chopping, as the roots, trees in one fell swoop, his ability to work, and sometimes even intelligence.

A person is subject until today any multitasking, especially related to mental activity, which switch from solving one problem to another in the same time for the brain while it is simply impossible.

Child, making “one hundred cases” at the same time, does not concentrate as follows attention necessary for productive activities. Therefore, it is unlikely he will be able to carefully and faithfully perform the necessary task. Likely to be a lot of mistakes, especially when preparing for lessons at home.

This negligence in any activities because of the phenomenon of multi-tasking possible explanation is that the child’s attention is diverted to the many disturbances. Although the noise – that’s what makes a child.

When he does three things at once: solve the math, sending SMS-messages and listen to what you say you are a math disruption to you and the message for you – the letters and math, and for the messages – mathematics and you. Therefore, most likely, your child will solve the problem correctly or to send the message to the wrong address, or listen to your conversation. Anyway, in all okay unlikely to be.

When almost one hundred years ago in the light of the telegraph, scientists have noticed that if you while typing something decide to inform telegraph, it can go wrong by doing the work, because its focus should switch between different channels.

Thus was born even a special science that studies the effect of noise on human performance. And today, when it comes to multitasking necessary, for example, when working with a computer, you can hear about pomehozavisimosti work style.

Of course, any young person this style gives a special sense of importance and even to some extent, is able to increase his self-esteem.

But according to a number of foreign psychologists, teenage multitasking is more like an illusion than a true multi-tasking. Yes, indeed, the children with their inherent impulsiveness, without hesitation, immediately clutching a few cases, forgetting about the quality of their performance. And in most of these cases becomes quality.

Studying the problem of multi-tasking using magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, scientists have concluded that the characteristics of switching attention is closely related to the so-called tenth Brodmann area, located in front of the prefrontal cortex. Unfortunately, the pre-frontal cortex is one of those areas of the brain, which are formed later than the others and cease to function as it crashes before others in the process of human aging. It is therefore not surprising that preschool children, as well as old people can not cope with multi-tasking.

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But students, especially high school students believe it is their dignity, demonstrating with or without cause, to let you show off.

Teenager listening with one ear player, and another – talking on a cell phone without taking away his eyes from the monitor screen, the child can become a symbol of modernity, as once famous sculpture of Vera Mukhina’s “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”, received the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937, became a symbol of the socialist era of the time.

Sometimes, trying to somehow reach the souls of young people think that all these high-tech-tions of accessories only the replacement of knight’s armor.

At the same time, the children for whom the modern multitasking is feasible, other more popular among their peers. Besides it was found that their brains, due to the fact that today video pictures are increasingly replacing text may glossy process this information. In general, today’s children can shine it to find, and not just this, and any, if only subject on which he indicated.

It turned out that due to Brodmann area outlines long-term goals and are remembered not completed for any reason, the tasks that after the elimination of interference can be brought to the end. In addition, this area of the brain helps us to share the job into smaller parts, extending the path to multi-task. After all, with a fragment of a lot easier to handle than once to the larger whole. And since the fragment has a fragment still – and now mosaic ready.

In general, the impact of multitasking on the modern man most relevant studies were conducted among office workers who use personal computers, the possibilities are endless so have they been subject to hundreds of tasks.

According to the California Professor Gloria Mark, an employee in the office in the middle focuses on the performance of a single task but only 11 minutes, which is also broken into fragments – from reading web pages to edit emails. Not having time to finish one job, he is distracted by other things. To return to the unfinished task takes an average of 25 minutes. And then again distractions – and so the whole day, crowded stressors multi-tasking.

Shifting attention between tasks consumes a huge amount of time that could be effectively used to solve a major challenge. So multi-tasking – it’s just an illusion of saving time. This is not the economy, and the loss of it.

But try explaining that to your children, control over which you have practically lost.

Control – it’s the real thing. Yes, the child is real, being next to you. It was he there, but his thoughts in cyberspace. Is it possible to know with whom he communicates? From those to whom they claim to be? How many adults themselves expose children … How many of your children flirting as adults.

I once boasted Third-one, but ace in the set functions of the computer, she started a conversation with a man looking for a young bride posing as a seventeen year old, even though she was only ten.

– It’s cool, it’s cool – I told the young lady. – He thinks I’m quite grown up.

Explained already in love. I appointed to meet him outside the theater. We live nearby. And was able to consider it. Nothing, only an adult at all. He stood for an hour in front of the entrance. I went there and here. But he’s not waiting for me, and another. How cool would it all – it is absolutely delighted as a child, according to age.

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– And what mom said?

– Yes, my mother does not know. You just do not tell that to her. She thinks that when I’m sitting at the computer, then get ready for classes. So why did she know about it?

But, losing control of his thoughts and passions child to keep with him on many cases, you “forfeit” and the affection of your children to you, even though this “control” should not be in the truest sense of the word control, namely a special affection between you and your child.

Modern parents are increasingly began to complain about the coldness and aloofness child.

He does not wait for them to come to work, and if they wait, then only in order to satisfy their latent needs, depending on the mom or dad, urging them to fulfill promises.

The modern child is not running to meet you, hear what you have already entered the house. He had no time, he is always very busy. The older a child is, the more noticeable it is.

The modern child will not bore you with questions about the state of health, if you are sick. It is unlikely to care about your success and your life in general in a field where detour you without it. It is difficult for it to distract from his endless lessons.

Unfortunately, the high-tech devices progress cooled hearth and home, turning our lives into an endless time trouble – because we are living today with you in the growing multi-tasking mode. Our children take with us an example. Well, although used by watching their mothers, for whom such treatment has long been the norm.

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According to research by the British corporation of Intel, the modern pace of life today, we literally dictates that multitasking. Lack of time causes it. Queen of today’s multi-tasking – it’s a woman. Women are better than men can cope simultaneously with the decision right pair of goals. And they solve. Motherhood is probably made them more prone to multi-task. In any case, according to these studies, multitasking lifestyles were exposed to 49% of the women and only 39% of men. At the same time, 88% of respondents believed that the ever growing shortage of time is required by the people of this multitasking.

So the modern child without it simply can not do. But multitasking can be quite different. And the relative lack of time, too. Time for what? For a fun, entertaining, visiting discotheques or for major decisions?

According to a report of the American public fund Kaisor Family, Foundation «Generation M: Media in the lives of 8-18-year-old” students every day under the influence of various media negotiation about eight and a half hours. This is more than the duration of the working day, many of their parents. And most importantly, a change in the impact of media negotiation on a child lately is that he became subject to multiple media at the same time and trying to adjust to live because of multitasking, even in an age when even before this regime simply is not fully matured . This topic has been discussed in the British House of Lords, were invited and the leading British scientists.

According to neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, due to multi-tasking children begin to lose this ability as an important focus, especially when it comes to learning any school subject.

It turns out that by doing more in less time, your child still has not committed to succeed in this important work for his age – learning. And when this phenomenon is obvious, the children set out the worst thoughts, constantly distracted by little things and can not lead a logical argument in its favor. And it is the children who, for all time is short there is no shortage of information. But, being able to obtain it, they have no time, “mined” to analyze, because they have more time to send someone your time an SMS-message, and listen to what they tell a friend on a cell phone. Moreover, this situation may be not only at home but also in the classroom, where the teacher’s explanation at the time to write SMS-message or watch the monitor handheld computer has become almost the norm today, as children, to understand the complex technologies, and at the same time to err on the of the basic requirements, suffering from overstimulation of the nervous system.

According to Susan Greenfield, today’s children are easily and quickly operate a large number of icons, these sort of “icons”, communicating with each other thanks to modern computers and mobile phones, on the one hand, simplifying, and the other – making it more difficult for the uninitiated, the language of modern communications people. And if unpopular among children now reading allows you to create a personalized environment, then taken out of context by some gorgeous pictures of interjections in general do not create anything. However, multitasking attention the child is only enough for that.

And after the child is old enough already, then what could it all turn out?

Watching what will in the future. After all, if he will have to re-sit almost constantly all day at the computer, working at the limit, multitasking, most likely, he will develop a syndrome identified at managers skilled in the art by Edward Gelovelom.

Syndrome only this kind of attention deficit disorder (ADD or, in English, AAD), observed in abundance now in children.

It poses to the pressure of multitasking in the brain under stress management, “defending”, trying to “mimic” the syndrome, named E. Gelovelom acquired attention deficit syndrome.According to the scientist, “in contrast to the present syndrome, based on anatomical features, acquired AAD due to hyper-intensity environment in which to work most of the managers. In a situation where the brain has to process too much data, its ability to solve the problem is worsening and the number of errors is increasing rapidly. In anatomically normal brain symptoms characteristic of AAD ».

Moreover, according to the researcher, all the fault of man’s fear that prevents normal operation of the brain, the fear associated with exposure to large amounts of information for the “memory” of the brain, the deep divisions which perceive the situation as a “survival situation”, sending the forward department “signals of panic and fear. ” Certainly, a person in such a situation may behave poorly and unpredictably.

At the same time, no syndromes “acquired attention deficit” is not able to change the multitasking features of modern motherhood, coping with this super-magician and supermnogozadachnostyu virtuosity.

“We have to run very fast to stay in place” – Lewis Carroll once said.

And today we are constantly makes accelerate this run, turning into a kind of Pygmalion, creating for themselves their own, inimitable Galatea.

Behave as desired parents with a child, forced to live in a multi-tasking.

Do not overload with all sorts of requests and orders, creating an artificial shortage of time.

Learn to concentrate on doing one job.

Explain that, by focusing on each of the tasks, the child will be much better and faster to perform all necessary, making them one at a time than performing.

Do not turn the televisions and computers in nannies or ersatz dads and moms.

Carry out as much as possible, free time with the child.

Do everything in your power not to quench the child home.

Teach compassion and empathy (the ability to understand the world of experience of another person).

Know all the issues of concern to your children and help them look for ways out.

Acquaint their children with all sorts of pleasures of life, not connected with the progress of modern innovations.

Remember: the smaller the child, the more it is counter-tasking, which is basically all he can not afford and can be a source of disappointment in myself.

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