Forensic Psychiatry refers to a little specialty under Psychiatry and a back up science of criminology. It covers the interface found between law and psychiatry. A forensic psychiatrist offers a number of services that are determining an offender’s competency for trial, in a court of law. Forensic Psychiatry comprises of two major areas of criminal evaluations that are: competency to stand trial, also the mental state at the time of the offence. In determining competence of offenders, a number of factors are taken into consideration. These factors include changing risk factors such as attitudes, impulsivity, the mental state, family and social circumstances, using of substances, moreover availability and acceptance of support to make professional judgments.

Factors like the abuse of drugs, affecting the nervous system that is solely responsible for the proper functioning of the organs in the body. In cases of individuals with sickness, lack of family support and social circumstances may flare up their illness and make them run amok. The mental condition of an individual that determines whether one is sane or mad dictates ones conduct, which is offensive or law abiding (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2009).

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Asperger syndrome is a disorder well-recognized in child psychiatry which impacts in adulthood. This syndrome is closely related with psychiatric issues like mental disorder, offending and mental capacity. The syndrome is characteristic with conditions like depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiousness, drug abuse, for instance, alcoholism and relationship difficulties. It predisposes somebody to commit a crime and can affect his mental capacity and responsibility levels their ability to witness for a case in court or to be tried. The syndrome can paint psychiatric disorder, thus, affecting presentation and management across a broader range of functional ability.

Asperger syndrome reveals a disabled reciprocal social interaction and restricted, repetitive behavior patterns, hobbies and activities. Different from Autism, intellectual ability with syntactical speech have been shown to remain normal.

Since Edward Wilson was diagnosed with schizophrenia (a chronic and very severe disease affecting and impairing the brain). It is very crucial to know what his hobbies and likes are. The knowledge about his interests will help in enabling him to overcome stress. This is inevitable, because stress can cause symptoms of schizophrenia increase. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the patient with an enabling stress free environment. The knowledge about what Wilson does with no or less difficulty. It is not advisable to take over the duties of an individual suffering from schizophrenia, but it is recommendable to empower these loved ones in their strengths.

The third thing that is very important to know is goals ad expectations that were set to Edward Wilson by his family members or by himself. In setting targets and goals, it is advisable to be realistic by acknowledging the difficulties of schizophrenia and eventually strive to set manageable goals and be patient with the recovery process. Support groups are very significant when one is trying to wedge war against schizophrenia. These groups provide avenues where those who are facing similar problems can be met, hence, helping to live above feelings of fear and isolation.

How serious Edward Wilson took his medication is another important aspect that should be sought to be clarified (Van, 2002). An individual who is ailing from schizophrenia should be helped to change his thoughts that by going to see a doctor may lead to be judged as crazy. The relative, who is in fear of how the doctor will perceive him or her, may be encouraged if a suggestion that the doctor is going to be seen on purpose to treat others, specific symptoms like sleeplessness or lack of energy. Avoiding suspicion is paramount, therefore, relatives who are feared by those suffering from the disease schizophrenia should dissociate in order to maintain harmony.

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Wilson committed the murder when he had stopped taking his psychotropic medication, this leads to the question what made him not take the medicine. This question calls for responses like those that could it are due to the frustrations or the medicine had been finished. I would also want to ask the mayor in CIA whether Edward Wilson as a teen sent him the lost rock of creation with five animal faces carved into it. I cannot hesitate to interview Edward Wilson’s younger who he almost choked when they were at a dining table in their home. The young girl (his sister) will be very helpful for having had a collateral contact with him.

Since assessment of competence is required, Edward Wilson has to be asked some questions. The kind of questions he is to be asked are called question of intent. Almost all crimes an assessment is and the law needs a prosecutorial confirmation of intent. In order to understand and find facts an example of a true-or- false statement is best suited. Edward Wilson is to be asked to respond to statements like “It is always wrong to shoot the king”. The statement is false, for instance, a secret service agent might aim at an assassin but unfortunately miss the target and shoot the king. It is also possible that the agent will lose grip of the gun, it drops while still discharging and it accidentally hits the king. Another possible reason could be that the king might attack somebody in an attempt to kill him or her. The person will be prompted to shoot the king for purposes of self-defense (Weiner, 2006).

It is clear that accidental or self-defense shootings are not offences because they were not done intentionally. Edward Wilson does meet competence criteria since he does maintain negotiated standards of security, hygiene and risks related to these matters. He uses active communication on an ongoing basis making it possible to observe that he can stand in a court of law for trial. Additionally, he respects differences and he is tolerant to fellow offenders.

However, Edward Wilson records a number of improvements at the government facility. There are a number of chances that risking future violence from him is high. This argument stems from his previous misdeeds that include an attempt to kill himself by shooting into his mouth. Secondly, he threatened his younger sister and even told his mother that she (his sister) had better died long time ago. His failure to continue taking psychotic medicine indicates that he is going to stop taking his dosage and cause more deaths and suffering to those around him. Therefore, my response to the judge would be based on these reasons and could be definitely be that he still portrayed an image of committing similar crimes that he had done in the past when he was aged 17 and at the age of 19.

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There is much insecurity associated with staying next to offenders, therefore, the need to learn on how to relate with them is necessitated. First, it is important to use forms of address that take into account the sensitiveness of those around us (Huss, 2009). You should also strive to avoid discriminatory behavior at every other time since it wrecks relationship with you and the offenders, this might bring harm. Lastly, one should seek support from reliable advisers or agencies where one has membership. In my view had it not been for the Forensic Psychiatry the world could be chaotic since cases involving sick individuals cannot be ruled upon.

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