AI writing tools are rapidly becoming popular and likely to change the way people deal with their writing needs. One of such needs is academic writing, and students are more than keen to try out the new technology. They want to use AI tools for writing essays to make their lives easier and improve their performance. But can AI writers do the job well enough for students to rely on them in case they need help with homework? Do AI tools provide correct and credible answers to essay questions? While there are undeniable advantages of AI writing tools, there are numerous disadvantages too. Let’s have a look at whether AI content is a good option for academic writing and whether professional human essay writers are a better choice.

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The Basics Explained: What Is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it is a term that appeared in the 1960s as the opposite of natural intelligence. The concept describes the ability of machines to do processes that are typically human like learning or making decisions. AI is trained to be able to complete certain tasks with the help of vast amounts of data and human trainers. AI is widely present in our lives. For instance, you deal with it when you see shopping recommendations or use an online translator. While AI is an integral part of our daily routine for quite a long time now, we are witnessing a real breakthrough in the sphere of machine learning these days. It started with ChatGPT being released to be used by the public. People across the world use this tool for various purposes, but students view it as the ultimate AI essay writer. 

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an open-access AI-based chatbot released by OpenAI. This AI is a generative language model that has been trained using massive corpora of various data. The variety of source information helped the AI to learn to produce content that strongly resembles human writing. Users can ask ChatGPT to complete a vast range of writing-related tasks like writing code, doing translation, creating a social media post, etc. Of course, it has been used as an AI essay generator too. The impressive resemblance to human-generated content, as well as the speed, led to the fact that every media in the world talked about ChatGPT.

However, pretty soon, users of ChatGPT started noticing that AI writing is far from perfect. It is not aware of recent events and uses outdated data to react to prompts. Its answers might be biased and even outright racist or sexist. More so, it sometimes hallucinates and makes up information if it does not know the answer to a question that a user asked. Of course, these serious drawbacks make people wonder whether ChatGPT and other AI writers can be used safely. To find the answer to this question, our team decided to take a deep dive into the advantages and disadvantages of AI writing software. 

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What Is So Great about AI Writing Tools?

AI writing software became such a hit for a good reason. Despite some drawbacks, it has many strengths and offers many benefits to users. AI tools are:

  • Easy to use. AI writing tools usually have a very clear and easy-to-use interface. If essay guidelines are simple, a student has to just copy and paste them to get help.
  • Affordable. Typically, one can use an AI essay writer for free. There are subscriptions and additional services that cost money, but other than that AI writers are free of charge.
  • Fast. The biggest advantage of AI content writing tools is their speed. They are capable of producing a couple of pages of text in under a minute. When a deadline is minutes away and a student wants to submit at least something, it is a perfect option.
  • Capable of research. As a rule, AI writing is based on some research and has elements that make the content more reliable. It makes papers more usable for students in some cases.
  • Always ready to work. An AI essay writer never sleeps, gets tired, or runs out of ideas. It is available 24/7 unless there is an overload on servers and are always in the mood for creating content.
  • Great for brainstorming. AI can generate content and ideas about any topic with amazing speed. It can be an excellent AI writing assistant and help to cope with writer’s block or find an interesting perspective on the topic. 

What Is Wrong about Using an AI Essay Writer?

AI essay writing could be a dream come true for students since tools like ChatGPT can generate content in large volumes fast. However, this content is rarely ready-to-use and always lacking in many ways. As of today, the problem is that not a single AI essay tool can produce text that is as good as human writing. Let us have a look at how and why AI is inferior to human writers, especially professional ones.  

Incorrect and Superficial Information

Any text generator functions thanks to the data that it has been provided with. There are limitations in the quality and amount of data fed to an AI writing tool. ChatGPT operates on open-access data as of 2021. As a result, it might deliver wrong, outdated, uninformed answers or make things up if the necessary information is not available. Also, ChatGPT offers superficial and general research data, which is not what academic writing usually requires. 

Lack of Emotions and Senses

Again, not a single AI essay generator has feelings or senses. None of them understands what it means to be a human. That is why AI is not capable of creating original and relatable personal stories, reflecting on human experiences, creating vivid descriptions, or writing a good joke. It is a huge shortcoming that makes human-generated content so much better.

Distinguishably Poor Style

After all, AI writing tools are machines, so they produce somewhat machine-like texts. Recently, there has been a massive improvement in the quality of the content that AI creates. But the writing is still very straightforward, dry, and generic. It is repetitive too when it comes to both the information and phrases or sentences used. It always chooses the safest and the most common way to reply to a user’s prompt. They lack the creative chaos that people can bring to writing.

Lack of Original Thinking

Unlike human essay writers, AI does not have the ability to think. It analyzes and synthesizes data based on probability. As a result, the outputs that AI delivers are superficial summaries of various sources, which are rarely cited. It is usually not direct copy-pasting, but it is plagiarism. Academic writing requires original and unique ideas, but AI essay writing does not have them. 

High Risk of AI Getting Detected

Students who hope to use AI essay writing to submit as their own will be disappointed to learn that there are tools to detect content generated by AI. Just like plagiarism detection software, they can identify AI-generated text. It will lead to penalties, failed classes, and irreversible damage to the reputation. 

Why Human Essay Writers Are Better than AI

AI generative technologies might be good for certain writing tasks, but they are not able to provide the quality that human writers can offer. Yes, AI might be really good at presenting dry facts, but they will not deliver a decent result when an assignment requires critical thinking, analysis, reflection, creativity, or engagement with a reader. Human writers are flexible and can handle any writing challenge. And if they provide essay writing service professionally, a client can be sure of an excellent outcome, and here is why. 

Meticulous Approach

Unlike AI, human essay writers cannot generate three pages of text within seconds. But they are capable to deliver a paper that fully meets a client’s needs. They take time to understand the task, process class materials, ask for clarifications, or get the approval of a topic if necessary. They approach each assignment individually and with utmost attention to detail to provide a paper that is tailored to a student’s expectations.

Sound Judgment

ChatGPT is an incredible tool, but its critical thinking is nowhere near the human ability of sound judgment. A typical AI essay writer will include any data in their output if the information helps it to reply to a user’s request. Human essay writers know better than to trust just any open-access source. They appraise how up-to-date, credible, relevant, and objective the information is and whether the source can be used. This skill is crucial in academic writing, which requires proper verification of sources before they can be referenced in a piece. 

Correct and Profound Information

If students hire professional essay writers, they can be sure that their writing task will contain only accurate information. Professionals providing writing services work within their specialization and know a subject inside out. They guarantee the accuracy of data and are able to go deep into the research of a topic. In contrast, AI content writing tools are prone to making things up and writing superficial summaries. 

Original Writing

Professional essay writers ensure that the papers that their clients get are completely unique and original. Their content is written from scratch, customized to needs, and has all the citations and references. AI might use the information without citing or deliver similar papers to different students who use the same tool and prompt. AI-generated content might fail a check for plagiarism. 

Flexible Skills

Professional writers are a lot more flexible and agile than any AI tool. They can work with any type of writing and guarantee its quality. Be it an essay, research paper, poem, dissertation, etc., they can do it all in the way that a client wants. It is going to be a well-researched, reliable, and well-structured piece that follows the requirements. 

Creativity and Human Perspective

Human writing is always considerably richer than that of AI. People are better at content that concerns emotions, opinions, personal reflection, etc., and these are the things that make texts good. AI is not able of conveying feeling the way people do. As a result, technology is less creative when it comes to descriptions or the use of literary devices. AI-generated content always lacks a district voice. 

Correct Use of Sources

Not only qualified human essay writers can find proper sources for an academic paper, but they can also use them correctly. Every student knows that appropriate citing, referencing, and formatting are crucial in academic assignments if one does not want to get accused of plagiarism. And a professional writer will ensure a student is on the safe side. Not a single essay writer free AI tool can guarantee that the output it provides has accurate citations. 

Clarity of Writing

Human writing demonstrates a more unambiguous, concise, and clear approach. AI is more prone to writing summaries, so its writing often gets vague and repetitive. This might be a problem in academic papers that do not tolerate a lack of specific details, unclear language, or phrases that could be misinterpreted. Thus, hiring a professional writer is your guarantee that your paper meets all the academic norms. 

How Are Custom Essays Different from AI-Generated Ones?

AI-written paper is a piece that is created by an algorithm that relies on probability and data that it has been trained on. The result will be rather robotic and repetitive writing that somewhat follows your requirements. If you order a paper from a professional writer providing essay writing service at, you get a paper that is completely customized to your instructions and preferences. 

A qualified and experienced writer will analyze your instructions, conduct research, collect sources, and draft a piece that meets your requirements to the letter. Your paper will demonstrate expertise and profound understanding. You will receive a ready-to-use piece that is well-organized, well-researched, and coherent. More so, the paper will be error-free and correctly formatted according to the chosen formatting style. So, if you choose to work with competent human essay writers, you are bound to receive way better content than that generated by AI. 

Rely on Experts, not AI, for Better Results

Of course, it is for you to decide whether to use an AI writing assistant or to hire a human writer. But mind that at least for now, AI is not able to provide fully correct academic papers. The writers of, however, can satisfy any academic needs you might have and ensure that your performance gets better. If you want to feel confident about what you submit, you are welcome to place an order with us. Our team will be delighted to help you with your writing assignments and homework at reasonable rates. 

You will find our services particularly helpful if:

  • You have only started. If you are a freshman, you are not yet familiar with all the peculiarities of academic papers that you have to complete. We will be there for you!
  • You are about to graduate. You are likely to lack time to deal with everything on your plate. We can handle writing while you focus on what is more important for you.
  • You do not trust the AI essay writer. If you have used an AI tool but are not sure about the results, we can do the rewriting or a revision of the AI content for you.
  • You have a professional request. Do you need an SEO-optimized article or a social media post that follows your business’ tone of voice? Our writers have got you covered.
  • You need the correct use of sources. Our writing experts know how to locate, choose, and use sources well. They follow all the citation standards and can do correct formatting in any style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.).

What is more, working with a human writer means that there is room for feedback and improvements. With a human writer, you can provide feedback or professor’s comments and ask for a free revision. As a reputable company, we take responsibility for what we produce, so we guarantee high-quality writing, original paper, and timely delivery.


Do the Right Thing for Your Academic Success

AI language models have come a long way and are as good as ever now. However, they still need time to get better at helping students with their writing assignments. It might be reasonable to use AI for preliminary research and brainstorming, but using a fully AI-generated paper might be risky. Today, the best option is to use an essay writing service like and get assistance from real experts. A paper written by a professional writer is the combination of in-depth research, vast experience, a deep understanding of a topic, clear and concise writing, and a very responsible approach. You are bound to get a paper that you will be happy to submit as your own and enjoy the academic success that it will bring you. 

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