Starbucks Is Providing Employees with College Education

2014 became the year when there was concluded a partnership agreement between Starbucks and State University of Arizona. Within the frames of the agreement, there was set up a project that provided all the employees of Starbucks with the full coverage of tuition. The College Achievement Plan, as the program is called, became available to all the employees of Starbucks, irrespective of the rate of their occupancy at work. Starbucks covers all the tuition expenses completely while Arizona State University supports the employees academically by providing tutors and mentors. There are almost 60 degrees available for those who entered the program. The employees can study without quitting work as all the courses are on-line and it does not matter where you live and work to get a degree.

A week ago both the University and Starbucks introduced a new program, called Pathways to Admission. The program is aimed at those employees who are not quite confident as it allows overcoming certain issues related to their being ineligible. According to this new program, all the Starbucks employees willing to get a degree will have a possibility to complete the beginner to elementary courses repeating them if necessary. All the expenses will be covered by Starbucks. The goal Starbucks has set is to have 25 thousand employees to have got college degree by the year of 2025. Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ chief executive officer, announced the following goal at the meeting of the shareholders. At the meeting he also highlighted the main issues of the company’s policy, which he described as something more than just receiving high profits. The company is looking ahead being aware that its educated workforce will highly benefit not only the company itself but also the economy of the country. It is one of the projects started by Starbucks as it has a lot more progressive policies, which are aimed at revealing its employees’ potential to the fullest, making it serve the company’s interests. Among the accomplishments of the company are the programs aimed at training managers and those which provide its part-time workers with a range of benefits. Besides, the company is widely known for its policy in hiring the staff as it provides employment for young people, refugees and veterans, as well as those who have certain disabilities.

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