How to Write About Culture?

How to Write About Culture?

Culture is generally understood as a set of characteristics that are attributed to a particular group of people. It affects the way people think about different issues and perceive the world around them. Usually people identify their belonging to a particular culture on the basis of circumstances which they live in.

As a social phenomenon, culture can be formed by the following factors:

  • People, who represent the same culture, tend to have similar attitudes to many things. This common perception of the reality is developed in children by their parents and grandparents, who tell them what is good and what is bad.
  • Social institutions and norms also have an influence our views, ideas, and beliefs. When communicating with other people in schools and universities or at work, we absorb the information that they deliver to us and subconsciously use it as a ground for developing our own opinions.
  • Some cultural characteristics can be determined geographically. The country of birth inevitably imposes particular social norms on each individual.
  • Apart from external factors, there are also internal factors that may affect someone’s perception of the world. Depending on your features of character, you may either support some traditions and values or be against them.
  • Finally, nowadays the Internet plays an important role in shaping culture, because our thinking patterns can be highly affected by the content posted in social networks.

Advice on how to Write Good Culture Essays

Investigating someone’s culture, which is different from your own, is like discovering the whole new world. For you, as a writer, it will be both exciting and challenging. Understanding the importance of cultural diversity and being able to treat it with tolerance and respect are the first steps towards creating a good piece of writing. Culture comprises various things, so when you deal with it, you should get familiar yourself with language, social structure, history, religion, and many other items that make a certain group of people special and unique.

Culture is constantly changing, especially under the impact of globalization. There are many examples of cases when one culture assimilated with another one or was dominated by it. On the other hand, there are also examples of cultures that remained unchanged even under a strong foreign impact. It can be illustrated by former colonial states in Asia, which managed to preserve their identity.

What to Mention when Writing about Culture?

One cannot characterize a culture without describing its norms and values. Norms are understood as rules and may serve as an example of soft law. Even though there is no formal obligation to follow them, most people feel responsible for doing so. Values, on the other hand, are related to what people think and believe in, rather than to what they do.

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