E-Commerce Essay

E-Commerce Essay

E-commerce comprises the whole sales process starting from sales and marketing and finishing with remuneration and delivery. The specialists outline four major functions of e-commerce software. Catalogue display is the first function to be analyzed. It can have either very simple or detailed form of display, such as different photographs with a thorough description of the elements or service with availability, exclusion features, search features and descriptive options to be used for search purposes.

Shopping cart is the second software feature. It preserves data about the items that have been bought and enables the customer to remove or add items in the process of shopping. As soon as customer finishes shopping, the items in the shopping cart can be bought at a click of a button. Then, the customer proceeds to a third fundamental function of e-commerce that is called transaction stage.

The transaction processing is an online checkout. Within this stage, the software counts the actual price of the order, discounts, postage, etc. This is also the stage where a transaction between a customer’s bank account and a seller occurs. Next, the customer completes secure online payment for the services or items he/she purchased. There is also software that facilitates tracking of the purchased goods or services so that the customer is able to monitor the order online on the different stages of dispatch.

The final function of e-commerce software is called customer relationship software. Many clients do not feel secure when making online payments. That is why it is essential for a seller to ensure the security of virtual payments. It ensures trust in the seller-customer relationship and makes the business more profitable allowing to assess customer behavior. In addition, customer relationship software makes it possible for a company to gain customer-centric features that help to overcome increasing competition in the area of e-commerce.

These four functions of software are essential in e-commerce because they allow the purchase to take place and start the seller-customer relationship.

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