Animal Rights Sample Essay

Animal Rights Sample Essay

Among the huge variety of living beings, the first place in the number of species is occupied by animals. There is no corner on Earth without animals. They live in the deepest ocean, in conditions of eternal night and huge pressure, are found on the highest mountains and in the air, adapted to the low temperatures of the Arctic and Antarctic, heat and cold water is desert and semi-desert. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of animals in the life of nature and people. They play an important role in the cycle of substances and the transformation of energy, processes that are a prerequisite for the existence of life.

Animal Welfare and Animal Rights

The concept of animal welfare recognizes that they have certain interests and needs, but puts human needs above. That is, according to this theory, animals can be sacrificed to man. Meanwhile, the concept of animal rights implies that the interests of animals cannot be neglected or sacrificed only in order for a person to benefit from it. As noted above, animal rights organizations are trying to lead the public to the idea that people should not eat animals, dress in their skins, use them for experimentation and entertainment. However, the concept of animal welfare takes into account all these things, provided that there are good living conditions for the animal.


What Rights Should Animals Have

The needs of people and animals should be treated as equals. For example, a dog undoubtedly suffers from pain, so we must pay attention to this. However, animals do not always need the same rights as people, because some human needs simply cannot be applied to animal life. For example, a dog is not interested in participating in elections, so there is no need to give it a right to vote. Non-violence is one of the key principles in the animal rights movement. Activists who advocate animal rights do not accept any harm to animals and people.

Why Do We Need to Fight for Animal Rights

Many people say that animals do not understand their rights and do not see the point in the fight for fair treatment of animals. A child or a mentally ill person also does not understand their rights, but this does not mean that they should be deprived of their rights. Animals are not able to choose one or another variant of behavior for themselves, but a person always has the opportunity to go in such a way to do without harming others. As it is known, a smarter person has no right to abuse a less intelligent person, so why do we allow ourselves to do this in relation to animals? Sometimes animals are smarter than humans (for example, chimpanzees compared with babies or mentally ill people). However, it does not mean that only chimpanzees should have their rights. The bottom line is that all living creatures should live in decent conditions. We need to remember that people are just one of the parts of nature, but not its owners.

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