Wireless Security Essay Sample

Wireless Security

1. Let’s pretend I own large corporation, and at this corporation I have no wireless access points installed. So why should I care about wireless security?

Due to wireless access points installed at the corporation firm, the wireless LAN network is easily vulnerable to malicious hackers and other security threats. Nowadays, all laptops are equipped with a wireless network adaptor card. WAPs can be easily developed using it by anyone with the access to a network connection, anywhere within a corporation sector. Such unauthorized WAPs are known as “Rough APs”. Windows 7 features “Virtual Wi-Fi” which connects user with enterprise Wi-Fi network and acts as an AP to which other Wi-Fi capable devices can connect. This feature is also known as “Soft AP” (Wexler, 2010). Using such unauthorized APs, an attacker could prowl company’s network, access to sensitive data and other information. Therefore, it is necessary to care about wireless security, even if there are no wireless access points installed.

2. What are some of the challenges introduced when wireless devices become introduced to a corporate network?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept allows employees to bring their own wireless devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops and even portable APs plugging into the corporate network. Such policy may help in improving business efficiency; but it also opens up new gateways for potential hackers to access the company’s network and data. It can cause various malwares on the network. Malware such as ransomware, which hacks the computer and holds its content for ransom, can be introduced more often. There will be an increased number of rootkits. Moreover, such devices are equipped with huge data storage capability, and features like camera or voice recorder, which are enough to leak any confidential business data.

3. What are some ways I can increase network visibility (monitoring) of wireless users for my corporate network?

Network visibility and security can be increased by installing network monitoring software such as Intellipool Network Monitor, NetVizor, LANState, and CommTraffic (Snoog, n.d.). The network must be secured with WPA2 as well as SSL VPN portal. Also utilization of a Next-Generation Firewall or Unified Threat Management Firewall can help in deep packet inspection and complete scan of all wireless devices traffic. In order to help to keep a close watch on the employees’ acts one school install cameras in the workplace.

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