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The research is conducted to analyze some sites dealing with Windows. They are,,, and In the course of the research the abovementioned sites were analyzed; the analysis reveals the purpose of the sites and their usefulness for Windows. The paper presents detailed description of what a Windows user can find at these sites.

Most of the links that appear when the word “Windows” is typed in a search system, lead to the official site of the Microsoft Company, It offers information concerning the products that are being launched by the company, such as entertainment and business software, hardware, developer tools and other. As Windows is a product of the trademark, this site is directly connected with Windows Operating System. is a very reliable source. At this site one can find all Windows products, various devices, server and tools, and other useful information. The web page contains the option of buying Windows OS or any other Microsoft software products. There are some practical options for Windows users: Downloads Windows service pack center, Support, and others. It is easy to find here everything that a PC user might want to know about Microsoft Company products, such as Windows OS, Office, Surface, Windows phone, Xbox, Skype, and Bing. The site is very serviceable for everyone who has a computer at home as well as in the office.

Another site,, “brings together the reach of global and the depth of local, delivering 24/7 news coverage and analysis on the trends, technologies and opportunities that matter to IT professionals and decision makers” ( The site covers the following main topics: SaaS (Software as a Service), Windows8, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), storage, networking and other questions, which may be pressing for a contemporary person. Windows is one of the key topics on the web page and there are plenty of articles dealing with Windows. For instance, articles discuss “Five reasons why Windows 8 has failed” and “How to make Windows 8 seem normal.” One can also learn about the best Windows browser, Windows azure storage issues, Windows convertible laptops and plethora of other relevant information (

Next site worth paying attention to is It can provide help to people who need good advice about laptops, computers, hardware, software and Windows OS in particular. The visitor of the site can read about the hottest news and reviews covering a wide range of discussed matters concerning the world of computers. Much information about Windows, including security, games, productivity, music and audio, business and finance, photography, and utility software is presented here. This site provides many learning opportunities, for instance. “8 worst Windows irritations (and how to fix them).” By a click on “How-To” tab, a user can find answers to the most popular questions, for example, “How to add Windows 8’s best desktop features to Windows 7,” or “How to banish Metro from your Windows 8 PC forever”(

One more site that deals with Windows is The site was originally developed for the UK audience, but is undoubtedly of assistance for people in any location. It can greatly benefit the people using Windows because it provides a great quantity of news and reviews. PC Advisor can give answers to many questions; for example, “How to get a new PC that runs Windows 7 and not Windows 8” or “How to dual-boot Windows 7 and Windows 8.” The website’s menu offers news, reviews, “how-to” section, forum, advisor’s page, and downloads. The answers provided by the site are quite professional and one can learn much from this source. PC advisor contains Windows 7 Help Forum, which discusses a great number of questions, so if a user faces, for instance, unexpected shutdown of windows or any other trouble, the site offers workable solutions for solving the problem. The website is also beneficial because of its shopping section. It helps people to decide what to buy and what not to buy, and what must be done with the purchased item for it to work better.

In the course of the research the following sites dealing with Windows were explored:,,, and The websites have appeared to be valuable sources providing news, reviews, downloads, advice and other useful information concerning Windows and other products of IT industry. If a user has a problem with Windows, the abovementioned sites can give a professional consultation. is a helpful source of information for those who use (or want to use) the products of the Microsoft company. is especially useful for IT professionals. is a wonderful guide in the world of personal computers and informational technologies. is a trustworthy advisor on many questions about computers, software and hardware; it is especially useful for people living in the UK. All four websites are related to Windows and can make a Windows user’s life easier.

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