The iPad Mini Essay Sample

The iPad Mini

This fourth generation device is thus a revolution in terms of design (Apple Inc, 2012). With regard to marketing the iPad Mini, there are a number of aspects that the product should emphasize on in the marketing plan. To begin with, it is important to take cognizance of the fact that a consumer begins the process of buying by identifying a need or problem. This is influenced by internal as well as external stimuli (Goodman, Ladzani, Bates, de Vries, & Botha, 2006). In internal stimuli, the buyer may be influenced to buy the iPad Mini by the need for a device that is less cumbersome and one that has a longer battery life and a stunning display.

External stimulus on the other hand may emanate from what others are saying about the fourth generation iPad. If it is received well and gets positive reviews from the public with regard to its superior features, then the consumer will ultimately buy one. In this respect, the target audience would be youthful consumers who are looking for a device that sets them apart from the rest of the population. Many may think that the portable and light device would be as practical as that of a computer, closer to a smart phone than a classic table. Apple pulled of a trick that gives its customers a screen which provides 80 percent of the full size version. One more benefiting feature to the iPad Mini is that it is easily light enough to be held in one hand for a long period of time.

Secondly, information search is an aspect that obliges the consumer to seek more information regarding a particular service or product (Goodman, Ladzani, Bates, de Vries, & Botha, 2006). In this regard, the internet is the greatest source of information for young people. Marketing the iPad mini would therefore entail placing adverts on sites that are commonly visited by this demographic. Thirdly, the availability of alternatives influences consumer behavior in a significant way. For instance, the biggest competitor for the iPad mini is the Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. Purchasing decisions are more often than not made during the evaluation of alternatives stage (Goodman, Ladzani, Bates, de Vries, & Botha, 2006). The consumer will therefore purchase the product that is most preferred by others.

Full market coverage (all customer groups)

In an ideal marketing world, there are various plans that can be put into place to ensure you utilize minimal resources to gain maximum gain on customer satisfaction s well as increased revenue. In this context, I would target mass coverage as a marketing plan for the Ipad mini. The marketing plan will concentrate on a single segment: tablet market with regard to youthful and tech savvy individuals. This approach is intended to accord Apple the requisite knowledge on the needs of this segment and strengthen market presence. The marketing plan will thus place emphasis on positive feedback from consumers as well as tech experts who have had a chance to interact with the tablet. The marketing plan would therefore entail a critical evaluation of available alternatives and come up with a marketing campaign that clearly differentiates the iPad mini a superior product.

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