The Impact of Technology on Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Essay Sample

The Impact of Technology on Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood

Technologies are the integral part of people’s life. They have a great impact on cognitive development of humanity. Especially they influence the cognitive development of children, as they are very sensitive to all external factors. Considering middle childhood, it is necessary to mention that children in this period are very vulnerable to the effects of television, computer and other technologies as they treat them as an example to follow.

Middle childhood is a period of children development between the ages of 6 and 12 years. During this time, children spend a lot of time with electronic media, which causes some problems to their cognitive development. Firstly, it is a negative effect on children’s attention. Violent content always present scenes that totally absorb children’s attention and it prevents them from the focusing on the necessary things such as school subjects (Kerslake). Secondly, it is a negative effect of scenes of violence, murders and sexual abuse on moral values of children as moral values are forming and fixing during the period of middle childhood. Finally, technology does not give the children chance to enjoy their childhood. Due to it, they suffer from lack of communication with real people and it has a bad impact on the development of language thinking.

Parents can save their children from the bad impact of technologies. They should to remember that American Academy of Pediatrics advice to limit the using of technologies by children to two hours (Kerslake). Moreover, parent need to control the content their children watch, monitor’s children’s communication on the Internet and support children in mastering educational programs in order to protect their children from harm but also provide them with the advantages of technology.

To sum up, technologies have a great impact on cognitive development of children in middle childhood. They can badly influence the development of attention, moral values and language thinking. That is why parents have to organize all conditions to protect their children from harmful technology influence.

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