Technology and Visual Culture Essay Sample

Technology and Visual Culture

Art use nature in various forms. It utilizes natural creatures such as animals to inform or educate people on the unknown. For example, many art works depict the devil using amusing but scary creatures. Other art works contain fanatic creatures that are used to teach morality in the society. People normally assign certain meanings to them. Moreover, artwork normally depicts how societies use different animals. For instance, some are used for food or to perform rituals, and others are regarded as holy.

Art raises concerns about how people interact with the environment. It teaches people the importance of conserving the environment and keeping it clean and green. Dion (2007) explains that artists use their works to educate people on the importance of conserving flora and fauna (Dion n.p.). The representation of various landscapes in artwork usually carries various meanings related to urban paintings representing the urban nature. Mieroop (n.d.) explains that while planners, painters, and architects make designs that shape the appearance of urban centers, artists have been motivated to create artworks that depict various forms of life in cities (n. p.).

The invention of technologies such as computers enriches artists due to the application software that provide them with numerous tools and make their work easier. Adobe Illustrator, for example, provides artists with the “trace” tool which enables them trace graphics in vector form. Technology also enables animation of artworks and makes them more beautiful. Many learning institutions which train artists include technology in their syllabus to provide upcoming artists with the expertise needed in the industry.

Virtual reality is used by artists to reproduce their work. This can either be in digital or hard copy form. Reproductions done in New York Casino by shrinking, editing, and reproducing the New York City skyline and those learnt from text books are the same. The only difference is that those of New York Casino are digital while those in text books are printed.

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