Smartphones and Their Effect in Society Essay Sample

Smartphones and Their Effect in Society

Smartphones have become gradually popular in the last ten years, and continue to grow at a high speed A Smartphone is a mobile gadget that offers advanced computing and connectivity than a usual phone. In spite of the great benefits of smart phones, they also do possess their negative side effect on communication, productivity in the work place, social interaction and have an effect in education too. Smart phones have become popular because of their application almost to everything done daily. They also limit interaction among employees especially on active participation on the affairs of an organization and these leads to miscommunication (Cunha & Fernando 38.)

Smartphones have distinct features that are used to communicate with one another. On the other hand, smartphones limit those with different phone features to link with each other. As a result of this, the users do not communicate orally but through many different social portals. They have also revolutionized education. Students are able to access online libraries built-in dictionaries and instant access to the internet. Social networks are accessed in class during lectures which distracts learning.

Smartphones work well with the latest android 2.3 operating system. They have a wide advertising television commercial and print screen which wins over many other phones. The brand has won over the users` hearts. It uses the features or attributes to promote the phone. The brand has gotten so popular because of its product based on extensive marketing strategies. The product is advertised as a smart phone product with its features including the super large screen which displays items clearly and is currently one of the most popular phones of the time.

A Smartphone is a spectacular phone and though relatively expensive, they undergo a rigorous and critical runs and testing before being released to the marketing. Samsung Galaxy S2 is an example of a Smartphone that is popular in the market today. It is a next generation smart phone that is vivid, fast, and slim, with dual core processor, Super Amoled plus display and 8.49 mm thickness is in the market. It has the best viewed experience, outstanding power and performance, and futuristic user interface. Galaxy S2 is designed for professionals and gadget freaks who love a feature packed cutting edge phone with unparalleled performance and S2, has successfully captured that market. The brand is different from its competitors because it is slim, fast and vivid and it has literally beaten every competitor in a screen display quality and page loading or processing. Most Smartphone have a high speed processor, ms office files support, a camera with high definition recording, a big, bright display and ability to play multiple formats of files (Shawn.22).

The uniqueness of smartphones is mainly in the phone being the iphone touch screen, with a unique design. An example of Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is the world`s thinnest phone. Its different attributes have led to different attitudes among the potential customers. The brand personality is to lifestyle, imagination, liberty to sophisticated technology, regain, innovation, passion, stability, reliability and innovation hopes. It further shows dreams and aspirations and gives power to the people through technology. Smartphones use improved hardware personality which is also about simplicity and dual core operating system.

The broad awareness of the Smartphone creates a massive impact to the consumers. Samsung for example uses a visual of apple as their symbol. White font with blue background is easy to remember and recognize. In conclusion, the use of technology in communication has positively transformed the society and increased interconnection among people. The greatest impact of technology on communication is the paradigm shift of people’s thinking from local to global. Technology has enabled and enhanced sharing of ideas across the globe, thereby enriching the lives of millions of people.

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