Relationship to Technology Essay Sample

Relationship to Technology

Presently, our daily life is totally influenced by technology which has become an integral part of people’s lives. Technology influences every sphere of our life, such as communication, medicine, entertainment and others.

There is a question which concerns the problem of the use of technology in education. Can it be called a good way of studying? How does it affect education – enhance or hinder it? There are a variety of arguments concerning this issue.

As far as I found out, there are some arguments stressing that technology provides an immense influence on the sphere of education, contributing much to the educational practice and improving its processes. John-Harmen Valk in his article “Using Mobile Phones to Improve Educational Outcomes: An Analysis of Evidence from Asia” (2010), expresses his opinion about the effect of mobile phones on education, noticing that mobile phones make students able to alter the transfer of and access to information in order to improve their skills, knowledge and to meet their own educational goals (Valk, 2010). Speaking about laptops, according to the article by Carrie B. Fried “In-class Laptop Use and Its Effects on Student Learning” (2006), there is some evidence that laptops contribute much to faculty-student interactions and in-class participation. Students in laptop classrooms have higher participation rates and are more interested in learning, in comparison with students of traditional classrooms (Fried, 2006).

As for me, I cannot hide that fact that technology plays a great role in my life and besides, it is a fantastic helper in my education. It is really hard to imagine my life without smartphone, which I utilize for playing games, listening to music and finding any place, due to its function of navigator. I also cannot live without sending e-mails to my friends, using my desktop, and without browsing the web at the university with a help of my laptop. I also use my laptop for searching some information in encyclopedias and dictionaries. I can call my page of Facebook something like one more home, because I spend much time on this web site talking to my friends in the evenings. Speaking about the affect of technology on my educational process, I should admit that I have no other such a great helper like technology. In my opinion, it will not be a surprise for anyone if I say that I prefer to use the Internet, this huge storage of information, in order to find some information, rather than books. Having my desktop, I have already forgotten how to make hand-written notes in order to store some required information. Furthermore, due to the use of the Internet I am able to learn faster, and, consequently, my grades became much better.

One thing I like the most about this way of studying is that with the use of the Internet I can learn not just via reading from the screen, but also through listening to audio recordings and watching video clips. So, I do not just study, but also have a fun. This method of learning enhances my education much. As for me, I can count only positive effects of the technology on every sphere of life, not just on education. So, I was much surprised having found out that some people describe negative effects of technology on educational process. As a matter of fact, Angela Young in her article “Internet and Its Effects on Education” (2007) states that technology hinders the educational process preventing students from working hard in order to find some information (Young, 2007). As for me, I cannot say that I share this point of view. Using technology in my education just stimulates me to use creative thinking and to take on projects independently. In my opinion, technology is just a tool for education which can lead for better understanding and learning.

Nowadays the education has no limits. Everyone is able to study even at home. According to the article “Top Benefits of Online Education” (

benefits-of-online-education.php., 2013), online education has greatly increased in popularity among students of all ages. This happens due to the fact that online education promotes a convenient and flexible studying process in home environment, and the use of programs from all over the world (, 2013). As for me, I am eager to attend some online courses in the future. I think, it will be effective for me as I like to study in the relaxed atmosphere. However, some people deny this way of study, explaining that it cannot provide the interaction with classmates, which is very important for everybody. As for me, I can agree that online education cannot be the best way for everyone, but I do not think that this issue should be of great concern.

To sum it up, I should admit that living in the world of scientific and technical advance, it is just impossible to be far from using technology in every sphere of human beings’ life and in educational sector as well. In my opinion, using technology in education can just enhance it, but not hinder. I am sure of it, and I am a real example.

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