Project Communication Plan Essay Sample

Project Communication Plan


Technology and communication improvement has been a key success and growth to business organization or big companies around the world. This is because well communication structured organization enables the empire to access the information from different stakeholders across the globe. Prober installed of communication devices in different location enables the stated organization to access information in faster and efficient way, (Westland, 2007).

Project communication plan


  • This is a step by step communication plan for the project of installing new servers in our company. There are many stakeholders associated with our organization most of them are named below.
  • The project has to meet the set deadlines of 1st March of 2013.
  • Every stakeholder is has the responsibility of benefiting with these installation of our server , they include those in Sacramento, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; Dallas, TX; Nashua, MA; London, England; and Baumholder, Germany.

Stakeholders and Their Responsibilities

1.Sacramento industrial Tech - responsible for building machines like kluge boxes used in installation in London and Baum holder.
2.UK Tech Corporation of Engineers- assembles the various CPUs, Processors, file servers, drives, and cabling that make up our server kluge.
3.London and Baum holder management systems- will provide the necessary technicians to do the installation.
4.Colorado Springs IT Corporation-system engineers who will supervise installation, and
5.Dallas Software Testing Company -it’s responsible for providing system testers, who will test the system.

The project plan


  • Develop a good communicating network among stake holders,
  • Ensure reliability and accessibility of information,
  • Improve the flow of information from one group to another sector of the corporation
  • Improve our networking and data management principles through the new installation in our sites,
  • Provide reliable and quality information always for our clients
  • Develop system support which are always available free from clashes and avoiding of the system running impromptus errors


The current situation in which our places our current stakeholders in a form of disarray in that we want them to be able to meet deadlines of the stipulated projects staring with the installation project of our new server in London, England and Baum holder,  Germany. Therefore with a reliable information communication plan, all the necessary documented news events of any projects should be enhanced in order to equip and inform the necessary parties how they are involved. This will help to develop stronger resource relationships among the many stakeholders in our organizations. A reliable and procedural communications from one party to another will help us to maintain many aspects of our organization from management to attraction of other interested groups. Therefore defining the proper importance of having this project initiation in our corporation, will help to motivate the different individuals we have in the marketing and manufacturing industries with various responsibilities of solving many issues in the management and communication perspectives, (Project Management Institute, 2004).

Addressed to

This is the group or the aspects of our community whom deserves to get access to this information in our communication plan, among them are the stakeholders in our company.

  • First and foremost are our stakeholders in every department in the organization
  • The necessary management group in the companies throughout our business grid
  • The supporting groups in our daily marketing and sales activities
  • And any other financial advisers and guarantors, who helps us with financial backing in our industrial developments.
  • Finally the necessary marketing analysts, industrials engineers who will help us in the development of other future projects which are important in driving and thriving the company economy.

Communication Strategies

Communication technologies have been advanced through the decades, therefore communication through all these should be traversed to our stakeholders through personal e-mailing system from our operations base, through the use of media advertisements like televisions, radios and through posters across the communication centers in the nation and famous television channels in the globe. Evidently the company websites is the most formidable way in which this information plan can be passed from the organizers to all other necessary stakeholders. Those who can’t be reached will be called personally by our secretaries in order to access first-hand information

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