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Progress of Technology


Everybody will bear witness that technology is one aspect of human life that has brought big changes. Indeed everything has to change, and so it is humans thirst for change that brought about changes, with the aim of making life easier. As human beings change, so are the environmental conditions they live in. Therefore, to make the technology more viable, some changes and progress must be effected. We have witnessed technology changing from a semi-efficient field in technology, received with a lot of prejudice to an aspect that we cannot live without; an aspect that defines the day-to-day activities of people. Not only has technology progressed in efficiency but also accuracy and convenience.


As time progresses, technology is being tailored to meet the conveniences of people. One way of doing this is by producing technological machines and gadgets that are less spacious. It is evident that as time goes by, mobile handsets are getting thinner and more portable. Since these are gadgets that are carried around every time. It was necessary to make them less cumbersome. Back in the mid 1990s when they were starting to get a lot of worldwide recognition, handsets were as thick as one inch. The progress in technology has seen latest handsets like the Samsung S4 and iPhone 5 go down to almost half an inch. Machines and computers have also been the subject of the same adjustments. There has been a reduction of the thickness and heaviness of laptops over the last decade. Smaller and smaller generators are being devised every day with even better efficiency than the initial larger ones. People are turning to less spacious sound systems like home theatres, which have more power and sound quality than the early big radios, and music systems. As much as one may argue that the technological industry is producing wider TV sets by the day, the products are, on the other side, thinner making them more portable than the cathode ray tube TV sets.

Efficiency and Productivity

Another progress in technology is in the efficiency and capability of the technological products. Technology has seen industries cut on their labor cost by availing machinery that is more efficient, accurate, having greater output. Initially, aircrafts built could carry up to 100 passengers. These days, planes like the Airbus A380 have a passengers’ capacity of up to 850 people on all-economy basis. This is just the number of people, keeping in mind that there is stillroom for cargo. Cell phones are equipped with more applications and properties that make them multipurpose gadgets. Initially, cell phones were only used for calling and sending text messages. Nowadays cell phones are equipped with the ability to play games, conduct electronic financial transactions and access the internet (Parasuraman & Grewal, 2000). Phones are made with processors almost equivalent to laptops. The speed is enhanced, and they come with a bigger memory. Computers to be designed to detect the slightest of mistakes. An interesting develop technology is the introduction of dashboards. These are devises, which are used by organizations to monitor operations, performance and to help in making quick decisions. Automobiles have not been left behind in terms of increasing their efficiency. The new Bugatti Veyron, a high performance automobile can attain a speed of up to 431 km/h. Such instances were neither seen nor heard in the early technological ages. Indeed, there is a big progress in technology in terms of efficiency and productivity (Joseph et al-1999).

Environmental Conservation

Technology has gained a lot of progress in term of conserving the environment. Due to the industrial boom that was experienced in Europe and North America, the environment was constantly subjected to degradation. Global warming and it adverse witnessed effects have jolted people into reality. In the recent years, technology has been aimed at development an increased output but not compromising the state of the environment. Industries are using devices and machinery that use less petroleum fuel and more of hydrogen and electricity. Technology has enabled the development of many hydroelectric power plants, which enable production of electricity. In developed countries, nuclear energy is the main source of power. This is in an effort to reduce the excessive use of petroleum products, which cause emissions in the atmosphere that lead to depletion of the ozone layer. Automobiles are also manufactured with efficient use of fuel. The engines are fit with a good filter system to ensure that toxic substances such as lead are not emitted into the atmosphere. Very recent technological development has seen manufacture of electric vehicles. Since electricity does not produce toxic wastes, these cars are encouraged. However, the use of these cars is limited due to their high prices. Petroleum refinery plants are also applying new technology to enable the provision of unleaded fuel. Apart from that, researches and technological applications have enabled the discovery of environmental friendly fuel such as biogas and hydrogen. Solar energy has also been increasingly exploited and tapped in the recent times. Mirrors and parabolic images have been used to concentrate the sunrays to increase the concentration and power of solar energy. Oceans are also used to produce ocean thermal energy. Technological progression enables conversion of thermal energy contained in the oceans into electricity by using the temperature difference between the water's surface, which is heated, and the cold of the ocean's bottom. All these are an indication that technology is progressing to a direction where products are aimed at conserving the environment (Ruttan, 1971).

Organizational Systems

Technological progression is also evidently seen in improved running of systems. Organizations and governments are embracing technology in operations. The use of the dashboard in organizations has not only helped in monitoring the systems but also provided bases of decision-making. Technology is being applied in surveys. These are activities that are carried out by organizations to analyze their performance, the performance of their products as well as customer relation level in the market. Initially, such activities were unable to carry out and analyze efficiently since the existing technology did not provide room form that. This has helped organizations improve on the quality of their products as well as their public relation to ensure better productivity. Governments are also using technology to gather information for policymaking. Initially, practices such as censuses were cumbersome to assess and analyze. Incorrect information from these activities cripples the efficiency in governments, decision-making processes. Censuses have evolved in technology, with the use of many computing methods. A good example is the latest census in Brazil where hand held equipments were used to locate and record the number of people on the ground. These technological improvements have enabled governments to formulate and better highly specific policies aimed at improving people’s living standards. There is no doubt that progress in technology has helped to improve management and running of systems (Patterson, 1997).

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Technology and Research

Researches that are aimed at improving the agricultural sector rely on technological progression. Use of ultramodern equipment to carry out, analyze and draw a conclusion on researches has involved a lot of technology. One area where this is applied is researches on poisonous substances. Technology has provided well-secured and airtight poisonous research chambers that allow minimal or no leaking of the poisonous specimen in the atmosphere. Analysis of research data is also easily done because of progressed technology, unlike then early days where limited technology led to stalled researches. Use of technological devices to analyze and draw conclusions is increasingly embraced in scientific researches.

Technology and Healthcare

Technological progression has been greatly evident in the health sector. Better lenses for the visual impaired are being produced because of technology. People are even shunning optical glasses for contact lenses. Special operations such as oncology and cardiac screening have been made quicker due to recent technology (Bauer, 1985). Some decades ago, poor technology rendered these activities complicated and expensive to carry out. Assessment of patients’ conditions can be done even without verbal interrogation. Technological progressions have also helped in assessing abstract characteristics of patients such as their honesty (Feeny & Guyatt, 1986). Use of the truth meter is a technological progress that has seen medical practitioners and even government operatives determine things that were initially had to tell. With progression in technology, stethoscopes are designed to provide more accurate information on the heart beat rate and cardiac efficiency of a patient. It has also enabled accurate assessment of respiration. Technological progressions have also allowed decentralization of medical check-ups in that patients can monitor their conditions at home (Wu, et. al,  2006). Diabetic patients are provided with finger stick lancing devices that help them monitor their blood glucose level. All these were unable to carry out with early underdeveloped technology.


It is beyond doubt that technology has taken great strides in progression. This is one field that progresses every day, leading to new inventions and innovations. One can also never underestimate the advantages that come with technological progression to man.

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