Nuclear Development Essay Sample

Nuclear Development

According to the Mohr and Slater (2009), technology is referred to as a handy application of information in a specific area. In nonprofessional terms, technology is a collective term for creative undertakings, advancements and innovation and knowledge of the human race. From the cradle of humankind, technology existed but in crude forms. Today, man has supercomputers, electronics, weapons, and massive cities. This paper focuses on the positive aspects of technology.

Nuclear Development

This technology involves the study and exploitation of reactions that occur within the atomic nuclei. This technology has several useful applications in society. Some of them include nuclear weapons, power, and medicine. Nuclear power involves the generation of power after using radioactive materials like plutonium under a controlled process of nuclear fission. Although nuclear disasters are very dangerous, the energy they produce is clean, and reduces carbon emissions that threaten the climate. Nuclear power accounts for almost six-percent of the world’s energy.

Nuclear weapons proved to be useful and their use ended World War II. Even though lives were lost, this halted the war that could have lasted for several years and cause more loss of lives and property. The fear that nuclear weapons can decimate megacities in a minute has made the world a relatively safer place. Every nation fears that if they unleash their nuclear weapons on the other, they may be completely decimated by the remaining superpowers (Trainer and Kaku 23).

Nuclear medicine employs painless, secure, and cost-effective methods to image the human body and treat all kinds of diseases. Nuclear images provide doctors with very reliable information on the functions and structure and function of an organ. This eliminates the use of costly diagnostic techniques to test for diseases and surgery. In traditional methods of disease testing, the disease has to be at an advanced stage for it to be detected whereas nuclear imaging shows all the abnormalities in their early development stages. This helps in preventing the propagation and spread of diseases. Nuclear medicine uses scanty amounts of radiopharmaceuticals to detect and take care of a disease. Such advances will enable man to have a longer life expectancies that the conventional means of treatment (Mettler and Guiberteau 34).

The Role of Technology on Communication

Technology has innovated the way people communicate with each other. Various devices like television, personal computers, and hand phones have become part of man’s daily life. This has greatly influenced interpersonal communication. On the positive side, people are able to communicate with each other at a very cheap and fast rate through the cyberspace. The use of free e-mails, blogs, and the world website has made communications very easy and convenient. The internet has interconnected the globe and people can see each other at any given time and place. In the world of commerce, business deals are made through teleconferencing, emails, and phones. People are able to check for information round the clock. In the family circles, couples who are having long-distance relationships and marriage are able to keep close. This is unlike the past where people had to write a letter, send through the postage system, and wait for days or months before they get a reply. This led to separation due to lack of information or misinformation. In addition to that, hand phones make it easy for people to communicate irrespective of their illiteracy. Letters needed one to write and this required an educated person. On the contrary, phones do not require a person to go to school because an individual can communicate even in local language.

Internet sites like Face book, MySpace, Skype, and Tweeter among others have evolved into social networking sites. People are able to air their views, play games, and talk over issues. This highlights issues and suggests solutions that can be of help to the public. Blogging has fostered creativity and exposed people to several ideas. In the next decade, the accounts of bloggers may be turned into online books. The internet has played a great role in building of social bonds that foster relationships. Depressed children could get consolation over the internet through exposure to people in a similar situation or condition.

In the context of written information, the use of paper has been greatly reduced. People are using virtual space to store their emails. Books are being written and sold over the internet, thereby; the need of printing is eliminated. If all the information stored over the internet were to be printed, then millions of papers and liters of ink would be used. This has helped in the conservation of forests because trees are used to produce paper. In addition, the ecosystem is preserved because less tress are cut, and the remaining act as carbon sinks and downplay the effects of climate change.

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The Role of Technology on Marketing

The internet has turned the world into one small global village. Every company wants people to access their goods and services in an efficient manner. The internet has offered people a large number of products. According to Jeonpyo and Fitzsimmons, consumers are able to rate products through reviews, input and opinions (pp 307-320). This has helped companies to use all the best production methods possible to improve their products. For instance, the auto industry relies on customer opinions on the improvement of the accessories that they install in cars. The consumers have very reliable information and are more educated than in the past.

The Role of Technology in the Transport Sector

Superfast bullet trains and cars have been created in the recent technological advancements in the transport sector. People are able to traverse large areas and distances within a short time.

Although, people negatively criticize technology, its benefits outweigh the disadvantages. With every coming generation, technological advancements are here to stay.

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