iPad Essay Sample


iPad is internet tablet marketed by Apple Company. Apple iPad is a classic example of the Internet and the tablet is fundamentally different from PCs. The instruction to the device contains a detailed description and instructions for use which greatly facilitates the user familiarity with acquired tablet.

Almost every page contains instructions with useful image tags which help with acquaintance of the device. The instruction has pretty clear content that is much easier to work with it. Special attention should be paid to section devoted to Wi-Fi because a lot of people need fast Internet access. Also can be useful information about web pages when they are available in the Internet network. Separate pages devoted to accessories that are included. One more thing should be taken into account: the fact that the document presents the same information in several languages that is a great advantage of Apple Company.

But there are also some parts which need to be improved. A huge disadvantage of the document is that it does not contain step by step information for better understanding acquired device. The bright pictures are of course a good thing but it also needs to be helpful and practice. It is also cumbersome because of number of the languages which is presented but this remark could have two sides.

Despite of all the advantages and disadvantages of this document, Steve Jobs’ creation has a huge popularity all over the world. Every teenager, adult faced with such device; every politician or housekeeper, doctor or teacher have used iPad and had different questions about certain programs. This document could be a good specimen for use if will be made some adjustments such as accuracy, breadth of information and attention rather to the content than appearance. But all these disadvantages fade into the background before the possibilities of iPad.

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