Impacts of Technology Essay Sample

Impacts of Technology


With advancement in technology, internet has become the pillar of most sectors in the world’s economy. Internet has been applied in communication, online money transfer, paying bills, surveillance among others. On the same, computers have been designed to increased surveillance in order to prevent instances of terrorism and other crimes. However, despite the major benefits brought about by technology, there are several demerits such as reduced privacy, isolation of individuals among others.

Benefits of Using Internet

The following are the benefits of using internet; firstly, online communication has been developed. Online groups are normally made up of people who have similar beliefs, lifestyles or hobbies. Therefore, people come together to discuss their interests increasing interaction between people who are hard to meet physically. However, through the use of online communication, people tend to forget the community around them. This is because they focus on people who they cannot reach physically. Nevertheless, Americans have been able to increase communication with locals through the use of emails to plan activities such as church meetings, gatherings and campaigns something that can be adopted in other states. Secondly, internet helps to end classroom isolation. This is because students, teachers and parents can communicate with each almost at the sometime. This is through the use of emails and chats. Thirdly, internet enables people to work at home. This has made it possible for people to spend much of their time with their loved ones. On the same, it is now possible to shop online, pay bills while still at home. Finally, sending and receiving emails also makes it possible to hand in assignments among other important information that saves much of our time.

Disadvantages of Using Internet

The use of computer technology has resulted into reduced social ties among people. This is because internet has lead to the use of online communication where people become lonelier as there are no physical contacts that are developed. Moreover, there is less frequent communication resulting into broken bonds. This has led to increase stressed and reduced social interactions. On the same, due to lack of face-to-face interactions, there has been an increase in the number of people who are shy. For example, most students never meet with their lecturers in person. They just communicate online. This has also influenced reduced social ties with decreased conversations between individuals.

Benefits of Using Surveillance Cameras

One major benefit of using CCTV cameras includes; protection from terrorist attacks, crimes and other forms of misdemeanors. This is because the police are able to spy any activity going on in the city as well in the buildings.

Disadvantages of Using Surveillance Cameras

Some of the disadvantages of using surveillance cameras include; the technology of using CCTV has resulted into increased threat to our civil liberties. Despite the fact that police are able to spy public places, the public are also able to spy on them. This implies that anyone can also take advantage and use the camera to carry out a crime. It is also evident that increased pervasiveness of the technology makes it possible for people to abuse it. Another disadvantage of using these surveillance cameras is that it has encouraged stereotyping of the unpopular groups. This is because some foreigners may be treated as suspects just because someone can monitor their movements. CCTV’s are also prone to make errors. This is especially in computers that have been designed to recognize faces of individuals through screening. Some are not even able to differentiate between a male and a female. Technology can also be misused especially by the police. For instance, in Florida Michigan and Great Britain, police have been accused of following minorities and harassing them. The use of CCTV cameras has also created a scenario where individuals have engaged in unnecessary activities such as detaining lots of people for questioning and biometric checking, spouses monitoring each other, parents placing surveillance cameras for their children among others.


Despite the fact that internet has some disadvantages, it is true to state that its benefits far outweigh it demerits. Indeed, advancement of internet has seen the world economy grow to high levels. Some of the remarkable growth is evident in communication, money transfer, and increased security among others.

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