Hawker 400XP and Mooney Essay Sample

Hawker 400XP and Mooney

Hawker 400XP

Hawker 400XP is a product of combined effort of Mitsubishi and Beech Aircraft Company. In order to come up with the current advanced features of Hawker 400XP, the Beech Aircraft Company developed and upgraded the Mitsubishi’s product to a small twin-engine jet aircraft, Hawker 400XP (Hawker, 2012). Figure 1, below, shows the picture of this model.

Due to its length, it requires a runway length of 5068 ft for its take-off and 2995 ft for landing, and has a cruise speed of 484 knots. Having the cabin dimensions of 25 ft long, 6 ft 5.5 in wide and 6 ft high, this aircraft can carry up to 8 passengers and a maximum luggage weight of 990 lb. Its twin-engine requires two pilots to efficiently operate. Its range is 3260 nm. The aircraft is still being produced and sold at 2 495 000 US dollars per unit (Global, 2012).

Multinational companies and hospitals can take advantage of the spacious and comfortable nature of this aircraft to move their workforce to the remotely located branches. Its faster speed makes it suitable for hospitals to respond to emergency cases and transfer of patients to better health facilities around the world.


Mooney aircraft is single-engine aircraft manufactured by Mooney Airplane Company.  They are of three models including Ovation2 GX, Ovation3 and Acclaim (Mooney, 2010). Due to its advanced features and speed, Mooney Acclaim Type S has been more popular.

The Mooney Acclaim Type S is a single piston aircraft which requires one (1) crew to operate its single Continental TSIO-550-G engine. Its cruising speed is 448 km/h. Acclaim has passenger capacity of 3 people, 454 kg luggage capacity and a range of 1852 nm. Due its relatively short length, it requires a maximum runway length of 1620 ft (Mooney, 2010).

According to Globalair.com four Mooney Acclaim are currently in the market at unit cost of 487000 US dollars (Global, 2012). Due to its fast speed and luxurious cabin, this aircraft is suitable for global and transnational business companies. It would help in prompt response by company executives from the headquarters to various branches across the globe. 

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