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"File Searching in Windows" Essay Sample

File Searching in Windows

In order to locate topics relevant to file searching, the user should open a “Windows Help and Support” window by clicking the Start button and choosing “Help and Support” menu option. This option is located in the lower-right corner of the Start menu just above the “Turn off” icon. Once the “Windows Help and Support” window is opened, the user should select a “Learn about Windows Basics” link and proceed to the “Working with files and folders” section. By following a “Finding files” link, the user can learn how to locate files and folders throughout the system. The section provides an explicit information about a file search tool along with the guidelines on the search results filtering.

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The file search box is located at the right-top corner of any file explorer window. There is no need to type an entire filename as the search can be initiated based on a partially entered name. However, typing a whole filename could speed up the operation if the search is performed through the entire disk. In order to facilitate a file search, the user can create a filter based on the file size and creation date. These two options are positioned right beneath the search box and become available when the user clicks on a search field. There is a possibility to set a fixed file creation date or choose from such options as “Yesterday” or “Earlier in this year”. Likewise, an appropriate file size could be selected from a drop-box.

Once the search is finished, a shortcut to the folder containing a file is displayed. When looking for a file known to be located in the Chapter 8 folder, an appropriate shortcut leads directly to that folder. By clicking the leftmost icon in the Address bar, an exact path is displayed: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Source\Chapter 8.

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