Exemplification Essay: How Computers Have Changed Essay Sample

Exemplification Essay: How Computers Have Changed


Computers represent an important part of people's everyday routines. Millions of people around the globe cannot wake up or go to bed without checking their emails or playing video games. Social networks bring people closer to each other. The Internet provides rich information about the most important events. Today, few people remember how the first computers looked and worked. Few people remember how slow the first computers were. At the same time, the revolutionary impressions from being the first computer user are difficult to forget. For the purpose of this paper, Mr. Jason Patrick, a 45-year-old software developer, was interviewed. His experiences make up the foundation of this paper. It is possible to say that, over the past ten years, computers have undergone drastic changes: they have become smaller, speedier, and more interactive, thus turning into an indispensable ingredient of people's lives.

Over the past ten years, computers have become much smaller. Mr. Patrick says that, ten or fifteen years ago, he could not find enough space in his room for hardware. The monitor occupied half of his table, and the level of noise was terrible. His wife would wake up every morning, when he turned his computer on. Really, the very first computer was as large as the room itself. It was difficult to handle. In my parents' firm, all computers were located in a separate room, as they were too large and heavy to be kept directly in the workplace. Everything is different today. I have two laptops in the room, where I spend my evening time. I have enough space for everything, and the latest computers are almost silent, while running. This is why, apart from being speedy, modern computers are so economical and time-savvy.

Definitely, modern computers are much speedier than they used to be a decade ago. Mr. Patrick confesses that he used to spend hours in front of the computer screen, when he was busy with complex calculations or tried to download a song or a movie from the Internet. He still remembers how he used to count each megabyte of the information, because the computer was slow and could not handle it all. At present, it takes just several seconds to see the desktop and start working with it. For example, those who use Windows 8, see unbelievable changes in the quality and speed of most computer functions. It takes a share of a second to turn it on and off. Another share of a second is spent on opening the most important documents and applications. Changes in the structure and functions of hardware have also allowed for a speedier Internet connection. I still remember how I used to spend half of my weekend downloading a movie from the Internet. Now it takes several minutes, or the movie can be easily watched online. Computers and people constantly interact, and this is one of the reasons why they no longer imagine themselves without computers.

Modern computers are much more interactive than they used to be in the past. Mr. Patrick says that the very first computer he bought for his family presented major difficulties. For instance, they had to learn and remember complex DOS commands. Their children went to school to develop sophisticated skills and unique capabilities to use their computers at home. Now everything is only one-click away. For example, it takes one or two clicks to create a new text document, open a browser, or launch an application. Computers have become much more convenient. Desktop icons are large, colorful, and easy to use. I only need a mouse to manage all computer processes, and even a child can learn how to deal with the laptop. Not surprisingly, with a high speed and interactivity, people no longer imagine their lives without computers. Some of them spend their whole lives in the front of a computer screen, thus making it an indispensable component of their routines.


Years have passed since the first computer was introduced. Today, most people in the developed world cannot imagine their lives without computer technologies. Over the past ten years, computers have become smaller, speedier, and more interactive, thus turning into an indispensable ingredient of people's lives. The interview with Mr. Patrick reveals the hidden sides of computer development in the western world. Present-day computers are convenient and fast. Most processes and applications are one-click fast. Even a child can learn how to work with a laptop. Computers have become interactive, and they can be fairly regarded as the true friends of humans.

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