Ethics and Technology Essay Sample

Ethics and Technology


Every business is engaged in selling products or services for profit, and employs manpower in the process. Business on the Internet and the business aspect of the information technology field are no different in this respect from any other business. Data is becoming important day by day. The value of official data stored on the computer grows daily and the risk is increasing accordingly. Information security is an important process for both business and the customer.

Ethics and Information

E-Commerce in the modern world demands sharing lot of personal information including bank account details. Emails and personal communication carries a lot of confidential data. With the increasing cyber crime, data hacking and data theft, use of Information management techniques are increasing. Measures are being taken for prevent unethical theft of personal data which might result in significant financial losses.

Banks and Financial Services have to adopt latest technologies to prevent such sort of data thefts. The working of many organizations is becoming complex and challenging as they are moving toward globalization and online methods. The use of proper IT firewall, software and hardware may help in a long way. Bank are now using RSA token for two factor authentication to internet banking and other online facilities. Password Management Solution for access management within the organization and external access. Many other standard and practices have to be adopted to ensure safety of the customer and his related information such as ISO standards, Basel II, SOX, and Anti-money laundering. All these helps in building bridge between ethics and technology.


Each day is making us move into the world of digitalization. With the increasing use of technology and science, organizations are able to enhance their internal as well as external processes and day-to-day operation. This technology usage brings along with it many security challenges which need to be overcome in order to maximize returns from IT infrastructure. Ethics is becoming exceedingly important for organization adopting IT techniques. Ethics can definitely work in harmony with Technology.

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