Demerits of Social Networking Sites Essay Sample

Demerits of Social Networking Sites


Social networking involves people communicating by sharing their opinions, ideas and interests. Through the social networks families, friends and colleagues communicate ideas and activities that they are interested in. Social networking sites have offered a platform to the whole world to easily communicate and check up on each other on a daily basis.  Social networks give information on the trending news, markets, politics and every other issue happening around the world. The main social networking sites that have prevailed in their use are Face book, twitter, tumbler and Google plus. All these sites have attracted millions of users all over the globe thus making an online community.


Nonetheless, the social networks bring about several disadvantages that are affecting the society. As we all know talking and holding discussions with friends is very exciting and this leads to time wastage. Both the students in school and the working people waste most of their day on social sites instead of taking care of other constructive works. Time wastage affects the performance of students in schools well as the performance of most workers especially those who work in offices with full time internet access. For instance, students are always using their phones even during class time and rules against such misbehaviors are not well instilled by the teachers. The time spent on these social sites may yield excellent results if spent on other matters of importance. People must therefore control time spent on social networks.

In addition, crimes have resulted from the social network sites specially cases of rape. This occurs when two people who have communicated for a long time on social sites decide to meet and particularly for the young girls, on meeting the men from social sites they are mostly raped and left helpless. A good example of rape cases happens especially with teenage girls who are mostly quiet and do not socialize with friends apart from those they meet on social sites. A girl who decides to meet a man from face book especially in private places like hotels is prone to rape. Online criminals are now on the lead and safety for the girls is only with how they respond to chats over social sites. This is a crime that is on the rise and sexual criminals are on the rampant. Caution must be enhanced when meeting strangers in the name of friends on social network. The other crime on social networks entails business where fake dealers post adverts on products and they insist on payment before one acquires their product. Innocent people are accruing losses from the online purchase of products and services.

Statistics have shown that a high number of people are now diagnosed with social network addiction and these cases are on the rise especially for teenagers who do not have the virtue of self control. The addiction might be of pornography from the social sites or addiction to talking and stalking all the activities of social networking sites. This is as a result of the long hours spent on the sites talking to friends, family and strangers. Currently, twitter users are known for spending all their day on twitter following up all the trending news all over the world. Moreover, the social networking sites have invaded the privacy of many people where one tells the whole world what place they are and at what particular instance.  This is especially with face book users who are given a chance to post their status with their location. This might appear to be fun and exciting but in some way it is a risky move to make by anyone as stalkers and criminals are all over.


 In view of the above demerits of social networking sites, caution must be taken to ensure the sites are used for the right purposes. The problems that are in there can be easily controlled and the power is with all the social network users. Social networking is the best form of keeping in touch with family and friends, however when dealing with new friends people must be very careful.

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