Computers and Internet Essay Sample

Computers and Internet

Answer 1.

The computer and the internet are the components of the modern technology that is ever dynamic. Many finite aspects of the computer and internet can be understood by anybody interested in computers (Galas, 2002). The finite aspects though revolve around the hardware and the technical components. The infinite part is on the other hand the dynamic part, the part that keeps changing as technology advances. For this reason, one may wonder what goes on inside a computer when it is switched on, why rebooting is necessary and even how many can watch things on the internet simultaneously and the list is endless (Maran & Johnson, 2005).

All computers through the internet are interconnected through the World Wide Web; therefore, anything applicable on one part of the earth through the computer is the same internationally. Because of the computers and the internet, the world has become a global village and business including banking sector is able to operate from a common platform through a shared interface (Rattle, 2010).

Answer 2.

Yes, just like there exists technocrats and experts in any other field, there are also experts in the field of information technology and the internet. Such experts understand IT in general and they as well narrow down as specialists. There are therefore specialists on computers software, others are experts in computer software and still we have those who specialize on internet issues (Maran & Johnson, 2005).

Just like in question 1, experts exist internationally since the IT field is the communication powerhouse making it possible for the experts to be in the position of interacting irrespective of where they are. Through the internet, we have the social networking site like twitter and face book or Skype where these individuals can connect internationally (Goldsmith & Wu, 2006).

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