Computer Mouse Essay Sample

Computer Mouse


A computer mouse is an external computer device (hardware) that enables users to move cursor in the screen and select or perform other functions by moving and right-clicking or left-clicking icons. This document technically describes a computer mouse by defining and explaining the functions of its different parts and its principle of operation. 

Top casing

The top casing is hard, curved, and made of plastic. It is protects inside components from both mechanical and chemical damages.

Right-click and left-click cover

Right-click cover is a small curved plastic on the right side of the top of the mouse. It is pressed to transmit signals to the circuits inside the cover. The left click cover is on the left side and also transmits signals when pressed.

Scroll wheel

The scroll wheel, positioned between the right-click and left-click buttons, is a small wheel that connects to the inside circuits through small gears. When users turn it using their figures, the scroll wheel transmits signals to the internal circuitry enabling them to scroll up and down the interface.

The bottom cover

This is a hard plastic shell that protects internal components of a mouse. It is normally smooth outside to allow easy movement on a surface.

Optical point

The optical point of the mouse consists of optical rays that translate the mouse’s movement into electronic signals that controls the movement of cursor.

Internal circuitry

The internal circuitry is etched on a silicon board and transfer signals that controls the working of the mouse.

Connecting wire/port

Connecting wires are enclosed in a plastic material and transfer signals from the mouse to the computer and vice versa.

Principle of Operation

The optical sensor senses signals and transfers them to the signal conditioning circuit. The signals are then transferred to digital signal processor (DSP) which processes them based on their pattern. It (DSP) determines the rate and manner of movement of the mouse and sends it to the computer which moves the mouse on the screen.


A computer mouse enables users to interact easily with computers. It is very easy to use and take care of once users understand its technical operation. 

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