Christiane Paul Essay Sample

Christiane Paul

Christiane Paul makes a basically crucial distinction between the art that puts into the use technologies that are digital as tools for the creation of objects and that applies these various technologies as the mediums of their own being produced, or stored and eventually exclusively produced in formats that are digital because she thinks that the presentation and production of digital art exclusively uses the digital platform and that the platform is digitally inherent in terms of its exhibition.

I think, Paul views the application of technology in the presentation of art as ultimately the ideal way of making such presentations. I further think that she perceives technology as an important aspect in the storage and production of art. The advancement of technology will definitely strike the historians of art and technology. The present time is sophisticated with technology and computer is used as a tool in art unlike the historical times when art was limited to basic creations. The technologies that have influenced my life include the internet which has enhanced social networking through various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The introduction of computers has and will have great impacts in my life. Through various devices, artistic works are expressed such as paintings. People also put poems in print or share them globally. Grahame Weinbren’s view was that when there is advancement digitally, and then people get to access a lot of information at once, randomly. In this sense, the advancement of digital had enhanced multiple and fast access of information.

Through Generative Art as Paul puts it, the artist is always a connection between the audience and the art work. This is because in generative art the artwork is always a creation of the machine or computer’s algorithms and not the artists’ own creations.

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