21 Synectics Steps "Week 4 Assignment" Essay Sample

21 Synectics Steps "Week 4 Assignment"

The following paper aims at designing a new computer through the 21 synectics steps and will include descriptions in 21 ideas of the new computer.

No 1. The first step involves subtracting or removing the keyboard of the computer since it can have a virtual keyboard incorporated.

No 2. The second step will duplicate the screens to make it a dual display computer for multiple purposes.

No 3. The third step will mix the both the screens or displays with the CPU to make a dual display all in one computer.

No 4. The computer will be expanded in terms of processing speed through an additional processor that will increase the computers speed to 10 times that of normal computers.

No 5. The design will be based on the shape of a bird or plane with the wings acting as displays and the body being the CPU.

No 6. The computer will be designed in a way that it can transform easily to a portable package among other designs.

No 7. The computer will feature a label that says “Intelligence beyond Humans”.

No 8. A color superimpose will be added to make the computer look like two different computers.

No 9. In substitution, the design will replace the mouse and keyboard with a combination of the both.

No 10. One screen will be bigger than the other to change scale.

No 11. The screens will be designed as removable meaning they can be removed meaning they can be split.

No 12. The keyboard and mouse combination will be isolated.

No 13. The CPU will be designed in a curvy way than the rectangular design.

No 14. The screens will be adjustable to even facing each other creating contradiction.

No 15. The computer will be designed to look like an alien replica.

No 16. The computer will include different appearances on the CPU such as a clown’s nose or shoe.

No 17. The computer will include a future telling capabilities and a crystal ball.

No 18. The whole computer will feature a combination of logos designs.

No 19. The computer will be designed to accommodate the keyboard-mouse combination inside the CPU.

No 20. The computer design will look like an alien ship.

No 21. The computer will be able to produce an alien-like voice when interacting with it.

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