Youths and Globalized Future Society Essay Sample

Youths and Globalized Future Society

The global social, political and economic changes are happening at faster rate than was fifty years ago. Today, an occurrence or trend in one part of the globe is becoming known instantly across the whole world. This has been as a result of global network of telecommunication, which enables information to be transferred across at a very faster rate. This fast rate of telecommunication will continue to have a great impact on current as well as future global societies. As a result, future global societies will be shaped more by communication and technology than anything else will.

Future global society will be less attached to individual cultures and traditions, and will embrace a global culture, which will be more liberal. This culture will be a hybrid of various global cultures, which are viewed as progressive. This culture will spread through art, such as music. The internet and television will be the platform, which this popular culture will be propagated.

Globalized future society will be less conscious about their identity. Instead of one being identified with their origin, religion or race, one will be more identified by the global culture. Discrimination will be directed more to those who do not ascribe to this popular culture regardless of their race. Everyone will aspire to align himself or herself with the new culture for convenience. In addition, to keep in touch with the prevailing conditions, one will be forced to practice this culture.

Finally, job market will peg the criteria for hiring on one’s conversance with the future global culture. This culture will be infused with use of new technologies and art. Knowing the technology of the future, will be equivalent of being culturally upright by future standards. Science and technology will be closely knight with culture in globalize future society.

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