Whose Issue Is It Essay Sample

Whose Issue Is It

Tobacco and alcohol use are more individual issues than societal ones. In correspondence with this, the responsibility of smoking cessation or alcohol treatment should be an individual issue as the problem concern an individual. In responding to the issue of smoking cessation and alcohol treatment, there is a need to look at the possible causes of the behavior. This spans from peer pressure against weak willed souls to self oriented stress, which leads to procrastination. It is even worse that cigarette smoking and alcohol addictions go hand in hand, thus elucidating the need for approaches that could lead to the disengagement in such acts, which forms the essence of this paper (Monti, 2002).

Smoking cessation and alcohol treatment should start at an individual level, in which the contender has the responsibility of staying away from places of exposure to such acts. For instance, one should avoid peer pressure ignoring companies that facilitate indulgence. Moreover, the individual should shun from the acts of procrastination. This involves positive perception of advice and relevant materials, which in part identifies the essence of self-participation. Consequently, the individual has the jurisdiction of enlisting support from any relevant people who might portent enough expertise skills in the solution to the problem of smoking cessation and alcohol treatment. (Shapiro, 2005)

The other mode of approach to smoking cessation and alcohol treatment involves application of the principle of improved diets. The cost of alcohol and cigarette is more exuberant than the cost of a balanced diet. This implies that an individual meeting the costs of both alcohol and cigarette is capable of paying for a balanced diet, which calls for a substitution principle. In breath of this, replacement of one habit with another could also work well. This comes with the personal understanding that smoking and alcohola use is harmful to the health of an individual, which gives the need for an individual approach (Monti, 2002).

Thus, since the causes of both smoking and alcohol use lie within the mandate of an individual, which is a form of proclamation, the solution to the problem is also individual and not societal (Shapiro, 2005).

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