The significance of social norms Essay Sample

The significance of social norms

We are in the era of the globalization, in which the happenings of different thing is quite common. In today’s world the essence of societies has its own indispensability and pros and corns. Society is the name of accumulation and amalgamation of more than two people regardless with the diversity issue. The dilemma of behavior and ethics is quite imperative in almost every field, which guided us to react in an appropriate manner. Every single company and even individual has to comply with the norms and ethics of the place, he/she has engaged with. Likelihood the companies, there are certain norms which comes under the umbrella of social norms which must be comply efficiently. Usually, social norms are the norms which specifically concerned with the predicament. Well the main prospective of this study is quite straightforward, which describes the norms pertain to social work and will also define the penalization process, if any person doesn’t comply with the rules, regulations and norms of the society. We will first define the norms pertain to socialization and then shift our gear towards its violation. Social norms are the behavioral expectations and cues within a society or group. This sociological term has been defined as "the rules that a group uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors." These rules may be explicit or implicit. Failure to follow the rules can result in severe punishments, including exclusion from the group (Kamau, C. 2009).

Such social norms indicate and make the ways to perform a work, the choice of dresses, wear decorum and speech appearance of a person. The social norm varies with the classes and groups of socialization. The societies, in which the stance of norms is efficiently, apply and adopt then such societies, are the one which brings a number of benefits and positive consequences, appropriate decision making and ad hoc management are some prominent benefits. Disappointment to attach to the rules cans consequence in harsh punishments, the most feared of which is keeping out from the group. A common rule is that the some norms must regularly be displayed; neutrality is seldom an option (Scott, John Finley, 1971). The essence of social norms can also be find in a school place or a general executive meeting in which a standard uniform and a decent formal language has to used by the participant. Failed to comply with these doctrines of socialization, individuals have to mirror different kind of consternations and imbroglios and penalization. For instance, in a meeting in a Bank, it is mandatory to wear 3 piece suit while attending an executive post meeting, if a person violate this law or rule, then the rest of the executives can through him out of the door and may terminate him on his carelessness. The whole controversial discussion can be conclude in the manner that, A norm gives a person a rule of thumb for how they should behave and the essence of norms can be found anywhere, where the group of people meets. Such type of norms certainly leaves positive impact on our life.

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