The Role of Women in the Society Today Essay Sample

The Role of Women in the Society Today

As the world is moving in embracing women power and gender sensitivity there is critical analogue to then understand the role of women in the today society.  The increased empowering of women interests have raised eyebrows on understanding the outstanding role then a women should play. In Austin book Pride and Prejudice, the contemporary women roles of women today are still derived on the ideals of“accomplished” women and their skills. Fielding presented a woman as a person who should have a certain level of lifestyle, the ideology that a woman should behave in a certain manner, present herself in moral distinctive way, walk and talk in a specific manner. Fielding talked about the ideal future woman. But then Helen Fielding revised book Bridget’s Diary, is more accomplished to present a woman as more developed human being with  more preservation on taking part in today’s world. Indeed this presented the earliest feminist movements in the wake to drive for more women representations and empowering. These movements we experienced in the late years of 19th and earlier 20th century tasked the world in realising gender equality. In the today’s world a woman has been empowered and she can be able to vote ad hold political office, develop her chosen career and be given the same advantages offered to the men. In every way a woman s like a man today, hence contrasting with the duties of men in the current society. The question, if a woman is doping the duties and performing the roles of men, what should men do then? Questions if we are overstepping by giving a modern woman so much? Questions are being asked about the capability of women in these extra duties. Indeed we should look at the impending factors and sections that define the roles of women today.

Women and politics

The legendary American writer Alexis pointed out in the Democracy in America that the process of modern transformation in the western culture and politics is through equality.  The principle of modern equality confirms a universal world where every person is equal to each other is the only solution to refute the universal and everlasting civilisation. There was the only way to solve the advanced women revolution. It is then an ideology that presented women in the political scenes. Therefore the role of women in the political world has been undyingly being questioned. Even if in the wake of 19th century women were given the right to vote and hold political office there has been questions how this role is being effected in the society. It is believed that more than 50% of the human population are women, despite this gradually number women are still backline or we could  contemplating if this role they fought for has any effect to their social and political lives.

The modern commitment of ensuring sexual equality has also proved to be influential and important in realising the dream of a balanced world.  A study of equality in the soviet societies by Gail indicates that women equality politics was brought upon as an incentive to include women in the social and political platforms in order to present a balanced society, (Kristina Maul, 2001). The ancient world disallowed any involvement of women in politics hence the stance was to bring a new look for inclusion of women in men daily progress. The inclusion of women has led to the development of women politically with significant figures leading high offices. Currently in the United States of America we have a woman Secretary of State and a number of nations are led by women presidents as with the case with Brazil and Liberia. Even the more liberal Germany is led by a woman chancellor. Hence the role of women has been seen significant in the modern society and contributing o its growth. Critical when it comes to women voting there is a reduction on their development.  The modern woman participation in politically [processes is more in deciding on what is more at heart than what suits a woman as a woman. Hence in the pursuit of satisfying their political perceptions they vote for a man and forget their responsibility. Even if there is need for sexual equality men tend to outweigh women in voting for their own sex, (Jeannette Nedoma, 2009). The role women then are seen in playing roles in deciding a better candidate whether man or woman.  Also in some countries and communities women are still tied not given a chance to vote or engage in politics. These communities give an opportunity for women to vote but upon the guidance of their husbands.

But then if we look back and see the emancipation of women by political regimes in order top put a woman in the same page, has also shed rubbed women shoulders in another way. Even if the programs promoted largely to the development of women toady, their authoritative programs were excessively narrow has the political systems still gave the retrospect that even if women should political offices they should still be aware that we are still living in a man’s world where the supreme leader is a man. Take an example of Russia country where still the presence of women in the political institutions are still low. Hence then even if the role of women politically has increased we have seen much impact on their promotion.

Societal organisation and women

Marriage and Marriage

Women have been known as the pillars of family life and marriage for many ages. With the natural meaning that a man and a woman will join together and form a family. The essence of a strong a long lasting family was then put in the shoulders of a woman. “A good woman is he one who builds her family” read the psalms of King David. Hence the role of women was then written: to heed to her husband, protect and build their families. The contemporary old meaning of marriage presented a woman as a helper, somebody who was supposed to help men in procreation and making a life. We could say that the past treatment of women was a bit so wrong and the same time helped in the shaping of character and morals of women.

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The modern woman’s role in the same families and marriage has changed in every way.   The role of woman in family life is defined in the various duties that they undertake. Women roles in a family are centred in the kitchen and in rearing of children. Women are expected to lean, cook and serve food. These roles are evolving in the current society with women playing part or less of the kitchen work. With their current involvement in the careers and business there is less time and impact in this traditional roles. Men have been tasked to help and even perform the duties as women have disregarded these roles. These change has prompted many ton ask why should women in the spirit of empowering leave their duties. This has become a challenge since men still are keeping their words of providing for the family. On the same note, the modern women are helping in supporting their own families. Through their careers and business they help their male partners in putting food in the table and pay fees, more of a reason to for equality in managing house chores.

Rearing of children has been always the duty of women. They are tasked in ensuring that a child is taught good morals and ethics. These were so significant hat the failure of character of a child was seen as the failure of the women in guiding the child. But in the modern society all seems to change. There has been many changes in social systems has we could see even men participating in the rearing of children, (The Role of women in the society, 2012). As a house wife the modern society participates in house chores child rearing and supporting the husband in various activities. The modern women are empowered in the modern families with an increase in the number of single families where a woman plays the role of rearing and providing. In some cases we have seen where women have become bread winner in a family.

The old traditions of women not taking part in choosing a marriage partner are ongoing in some communities. But major communities have moved away from such traditions and given chance women to have a say in the marriage processes.

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Career and Business

The modern woman ha braced her way to every field. Currently women are seen in major fields commonly associated with men e.g. engineering and the army. Women go to school and pursue further education and they are proving to be very effective in their different careers. But there have been fewer interests in the society in supporting women in their education and career wise. Other careers and activities deemed to be done by men like driving have also been taken by women, (Role of women in the society, 2006). There are still labour laws that favour men and recruitment policies that do not consider gender equality. But then generally the modern woman is actively involved in various fields while excelling in various recruitment processes. In offices they are given promotions and rewarded. There are a high number of women leading corporations today than 50 years ago.

hey are also involved actively in business. A study done in the former Soviet Union indicates that governments have designed programs and financial institutions that help specifically women. Government are creating mechanisms and schemes to help women venture into business, (Gail Barshefsky Lapidus, 1978). At the same time women have immensely participated ad been successful in business. The recent list of top 100 Forbes rich people in the world 16 were women. All the 16 are businesswomen who are using their skills to develop their business.

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Social Systems

The role of women in making of social decisions is low. The number of women involved in decision making is fewer. This has led to many laws and decisions being made for the benefit of men.  There should be equity in these systems. Women participation in policy making policies, social institutions and cooperation entitles should are also low.


The role of women in the society has been an issue for many years.  Many institutions and nations have been mobilised to empower the modern woman and ensure gender equality. Many institutions and nations have crafted policies and laws that have led to development of the affairs of women. Even so, there is much to be done to increase the role of women and empower them more.

Various recommendations have been made to ensure the latter. In politics and leaderships women should be given an opportunity to participate, hold office and even be given a place to sit in these institutions. In family life and marriage women should be given a chance to take charge their families and choose their marriage partners. In career and business there is need to provide platforms and schemes that will help women develop in both fields.

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