The Impacts of the Community on People’s Ways of Life Essay Sample

The Impacts of the Community on People’s Ways of Life

The main thesis behind this essay includes identifying how the community affects the lives of people. The different ways of life depicted by different communities tends to affect immensely how people from a particular community live. For instance, initiation trends remain as a trend and a culture of a particular community. Such specific norms act as part of how the members of a certain community identify themselves.

The use of outside sources proves fundamental in a number of ways. First, it assists me, as a reader of ‘Identity and Community’ to comprehend the different behavioral trends shown by people from different communities. Secondly, it helps me know the ways of interaction portrayed among people from various communities. In addition, it provides a greater understanding of how people from different communities tend to mingle. In the event searching for one’s own gratification, limitations may arise due to the expectations set by the members of one’s community. Such expectations mainly come from family members who look up to an individual to conform to the laid down norms of the community.

The use of external sources portrays a crucial impact on the general tone and appeal of the entire essay. In particular, it makes the essay more subjective than objective.

In several instances, people from different communities living together have had to bear with the impacts of the community in their ways of life. For instance, in urban centre’s, individuals from different communities may reside in one neighborhood. In such cases, it occurs easier for members from a similar background to mingle. Therefore, this may lead to the seclusion of the other members who arise from different communities. This portrays one of the negative impacts that community has on individuals.

One may be exposed to a different society and its norms for a long time. Eventually, this person may adapt to these new ways of life. Thus, on return to their own community, adjustments may prove difficult. In such instances, conforming strictly to the norms of one’s community may prove rather cumbersome. Hence, the community members should accept the change as it occurred as a process in one’s life.

The author of this essay proves these statements as he gives an example of a student who pursues her studies in a White school. Being the only Black student, she adapts to the ways of life of the Whites. This happens inevitably, as the student tries to fit into the new ways of life. Her community expects her to adjust quickly to their ways of life and not to mingle with whites. This clearly shows how the community poses negative impacts on one’s ways of life.

In conclusion, a person’s background poses immense impacts on their ways of life. It also largely affects how one relates with people from other communities. In addition, most people relate and interact easily with others who come from the same background. This happens since such people possess similar behavioral characteristics.

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