The Borders of the Community Perception Essay Sample

The Borders of the Community Perception

The United States of America has always been one of the countries where a lot of representatives of different nationalities, religions and races gathered and led their lives. The issue is that when the representatives of different communities gather the fight for being major and get the most advantages starts. Whether this fight is open or not it exists and brings its consequences. During the last fifty years one more specific feature appeared as the distinctive characteristic of human sexual preferences and of the family type. The homosexual representatives started to announce their true nature and it caused a lot of debates in the society. Nevertheless, whatever type of minority are the members belonging they still get a lot of judgment and prejudice.

In the second half of the twentieth century a lot has changed in the American community concerning the attitude to African Americans. They received more legal support. This fact is reflected on the work offers and working conditions, and the overall perception. Though, it should be mentioned that problems still exist at present times as the representatives of racial minorities are often treated badly and that proves that the changes are still needed.

Regarding the appearance of some heterogeneous representatives of American population, the most arguable minorities were sexual ones, like bisexual, transgender, and homosexual. They started to admit their preferences in public, many of them started showing the desire to form families, have children and have all the equal rights which heterosexuals have. At first, the society appeared to be not ready to accept such minorities but gradually the situation is becoming milder. In 1960th or 1970th the majority of doctors working with psychiatry and mental health of people were trying to treat such people as if they were ill. Nowadays, a lot of professionals just consider the existence of such persons and that they are not ill but possess some characteristics different from traditional ones. They try to find the approach for making the lives of homosexuals easier and teach them to get used to the open life in current society. So, the reaction of the society is changing though the minorities’ representatives suffer from teasing, limitations of job offers, and inappropriate acceptance in public. The good thing is that people began to explore these phenomena but not just pretend that they, and those people having them, do not exist.

The level of people’s perception and understanding grew in comparison with the ones existing fifty years ago, but there is no complete status of equality nowadays. The situation described in the book Zeitoun, written by Dave Eggers in 2009, can serve as a confirmation of this statement. The plot of the film is based on the real situation which took place in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. The main heroes are the members of the family where Zeitoun is Syrian and his wife Kathy turned into Islam for her husband. The fact of such family formation shows the expansion of the community in America. Still the attitude of different people towards Kathy’s decision is not the same and it serves as an evidence of the limits a lot of people still have while regarding the item of nationality. Nevertheless, the culmination of the story happens when the hero of the book faces the representatives of law. They treat him with brutality and violate the law concerning this man. The policemen did not hold the appropriate investigation before arresting Zeitoun, did not inform his relatives and took the money from him. The entire reason of such behavior is the anti-Islamic mood and it was obvious in this situation.

Hence, the USA is considered to be one of the most diverse countries due to people who live in it, though the community in general did not stop putting limits in perception of people and often it leads to humiliating, which is not affordable in the country with such number of population.

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