Social Temperature Essay Sample

Social Temperature

Social temperature is an atmosphere that develops as a result of at least two people engaging in an argument. The kind and intensity of social temperature depends on the behavior of individuals involved. The following are several confirmed statements about arguments and verbal aggression as well as their impact on my relationship.

In the first part, I agree with three statements. These statements are numbered 1, 7 and 10. While in an argument I usually worry that the person involved may form a negative impression of me. I confirm that it is a positive perception as it assists in controlling oneself when making an argument. This may impact my relationship in that I will avoid unhealthy argument. The second aspect which I confirm is that I enjoy a good argument as it allows me to express myself, free from unwanted pressure. An argument over a controversial issue may lead to counter-arguments which may end in conflicts. Lastly, I confirm that I enjoy defending my point of view. This is likely to affect my relationship negatively, as it implies that I may strongly defend my opinion and upset my partner; however I do it in moderation.

In part 2, I agree with statements 1, 5, 7, and 9. First, I am aware that attacking other people’s intelligence is not a noble undertaking in an argument. Acknowledging this demonstrates that I respect other people’s cognitive ability, which is essential in building a strong relationship. Secondly, I usually agree when others point out my mistakes to me and respond positively to their criticism. This will influence my relationship in that I will be corrected from a positive point of view, giving me the opportunity to improve my behavior. Thirdly, I confirm that I shun participating in an argument involving a personal attack on an individual. This is essential in my relationship as it strengthens unity and respect for each other. Lastly, I confirm that I try to change the topic when it turns sour. This is a positive move in that it assists in preventing an argument from moving to a certain level, which is likely to break the relationship.

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