Middle Eastern Terrorism Essay Sample

Middle Eastern Terrorism

What are three common traits of Middle Eastern terrorism? Three common traits of Middle Eastern terrorism are suicide bombings, international networking, and the use of demeaning propaganda directed toward the U.S.

What are three of the techniques used by these terrorist groups to increase recognition, support, and power? First, they use acts of violence. These acts lead to public fear. Generally, these violent acts are bombings. Terrorist choose their victims and targets carefully. They want to choose those that will gain the most publicity via news broadcasts. Next, they use the Internet. Since the late 1980’s, terrorists have used the Internet as a way of communicating and spreading the information worldwide. Terrorists use the Internet mainly to distribute propaganda in hopes to gain support. They justify and promote their cause via the Internet. Finally, they use recruitment. Terrorist use indoctrination to transform recruits into violent individuals, willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause.

What external forces multiplied the strength of these terrorist organizations? There are four force multipliers that strengthen terrorist organizations. They are: technology, transnational support, media coverage, and religious fanaticism. The use of technology allows small terrorists groups to cause devastating damage. Cyber terrorism is considered a technological force. Michele Zanini said that “recent advances in IT facilitate networked terrorist organizations because information flows are becoming quicker, cheaper, more secure, and more versatile” (p. 5). Transnational support allows terrorist groups to move from cell to cell. These cells provide them with safe houses leading up to an attack and immediately after an attack. Media coverage plays a big role in strengthening terrorist organizations. The media’s around the clock coverage of terrorist incidents makes terrorists seem significant. The media serves as a psychological weapon for terrorists. As the general population continues to watch the coverage of a terrorist act, pandemonium sets in. Religious fanaticism is a crucial component of terrorism. Many terrorist acts can be directly linked to Islam. Religious fanatics reject religions that are willing to compromise. They hate secular societies that require religious practices to take place in private. Finally, they reject all forms of religion that do not directly line up with theirs.

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