Human Rights Essay Sample

Human Rights

We are all born as individuals with an equal desire to live, and no one has the right to take our life from us, unless this is a murderer. However, the humanity focuses on the well-being of all individuals. And in some cases a person’s life becomes a struggle for him or her. And once it happens, the question of continuing such existence becomes very significant.

This is called euthanasia in the medical literature, or a mercy killing. The dictionaries define it as painless killing of an individual which has recently become a top issue for legalization. Human rights have always been protecting the right of a person to live. But when we talk about killing someone, we mean that individual will suffer from dying or others will suffer from his or her death. In this case, human rights agree with mercy killing when the individuals themselves have asked to be killed, as there was no hope for them continuing their life without pain and suffering, and killing them viewed as setting them free from painful existence.

In reality, all this comes down to personal experience. I am a Muslim, and often people perceive me as a terrorist who is able to kill. However, my religion as well as my cultural background are humane and have never approved any types of murders. Islam strictly prohibits mercy killing, and that is why the whole topic is very important for me. I want to stand out for something. And mercy killing is one of the most important ideas for me. Nowadays many countries are moving towards legalization of euthanasia in hospitals. Personally I think this is a completely unacceptable practice. I truly believe as a Muslim that God gives us the right to live and nobody ever should violate it. I got used to being called a terrorist, but I want to prove to people they are wrong. I am going to involve my activity in preventing mercy killing in hospitals to show my human position. Let these people live, even if only special equipment supports them. Because one or two legally accepted cases of mercy killing can just turn into an easy method for managing someone’s destiny.

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