How Compensated Dating Reflected Value and Belief Essay Sample

How Compensated Dating Reflected Value and Belief

The modern society has big challenges today. The world is cruel. Everything is varying. The humanity betrays points of view in a wrong way. Humans start forgetting about the values and convictions. One of the serious issues today is the compensated dating. It has reflected badly on humans` belief and values. Each human has to understand about the worst consequences of the compensated dating. The society has to resolve an issue as soon as possible. It can be late tomorrow.

The compensated dating is truly to be considered as the perversion of values and moral factors of society. The moral standards and human dignity are degrading every minute. People disregarded about themselves. They did not appreciate the ethic moment in life. They did not mind about the right ambitions and proper positive goals for the future. Humanity ceased thinking about the bright future for the next generation. People changed the attitude to life. Often they think only about the cost values, forgetting about the dignity. It is a real big challenge. The compensated dating has become popular and a widespread appearance everywhere. It is an immoral and dangerous case. The compensated dating badly reflected on humans` values and morality. It is an immoral and dangerous case.

The compensated dating is one of the big social problems of Hong Kong today. It is a practice which has the Japan`s origin. Old men suggest luxuries and money to women. It is the reward for possible sexual favors and companionship. It is different from the prostitution as it can include non-sexual acts such as singing and shopping. It could mean the trade of sexual services for money. Here is the usual news about the teens involved in the trend of exchange recently. The major motive is considered to be money. Girls are able to get a large sum of fast materialistic values. They are influenced of the materialistic worth. Youth desires money and luxuries. It makes friends being jealous. Here is a chance to get the further satisfaction. The problem has become serious since the increasing of the girls who involve here. It is a companionship when a woman agrees to date for gifts and worth.

Here are some cases when youth goes on compensated dating. The major reason is money. The Japanese young generation has shown the desire for the materialistic worth and values. It is a motive that turns girls to such behavior. The materialistic values are the girls` motivation. They wish to have fast money, and it is an easy way to gain worth. Other reason is an equal pressure. Youth is affected by the friends. If someone does it, other will go on compensated date. Some of the girls have negative memories of childhood and broken families. They find happiness, attention and love involving in compensating dating. The activity could be very dangerous. The attitude of the youth has been changed in a bad side. They do not consider themselves as the prostitutes. They often try to sell themselves on the Internet.

The solution of the compensated dating should be resolved as soon as possible. Youth starts dating because of broken families. It is an essential view to have a right family communication. The family should be united. The children will share thoughts with them. The social organizations propose to create seminars for teens. They might enjoy the practice; they could find a good job. Humanity should be concerned with families and friends. It might be prevention for the girls of the involving in compensated dates. The compensated dating is a social problem. It is also considered being a cultural and legal issue.

It is necessary to mention that the constant thoughts about money degraded people. They have concentrated on earning money. All the materialist worth and cost wishes come out in the first place in life. People start ignoring the moral and ideological education. It is a real shock for the various spheres of society. The youth generation suggests that the happiness could be found in money. They suppose the compensated dating would bring happiness. They have desires about the proper status in society. Unfortunately, money and luxuries have become the major goal of the modern society. The materialist side of society is dominating today. Sometimes the adolescents feel a lack of parents` attention. Family prefers to give money to children instead on spending time on them. The real moral values are damaged. The next generation will never forgive about the present values people appreciate.

The appearance and the further development of the compensating dating can have irreversible consequences. That is why here are the following suggestions to avoid it. People do not have to be concentrated on money. It would bring problems, not the happiness and health. The proper behavior and attitude break the morality. The humanity starts suffering. The compensated dating results in losing humans` faces. That is why the humanity has to focus on morality. Nothing compares with the humanity`s dignity and ethic factor. People have to escape from the compensated dating. It shows an empty spirit of human`s soul. The humanity should avoid it not having the degraded future generation. Today`s education should be based on the morality and ethic matters. It is a wrong point of view that money would bring eternal happiness.

The compensated dating is a big social problem. That is why the parents, social workers and school have to teach about the right way of living. Sometimes the adolescents feel a lack of parents` attention. In result, they become acting out of social manners. They prefer to appreciate the materialistic values. It is a wrong way of achieving happiness. It is necessary to discuss undesirable results and bad effects of the compensated dating. It helps to create a strong personality of adolescents. The teenagers have to know about the exact roles they play in society. They have to mention the proper duties. The right education will help to provide it, avoiding negative materialistic situations. The youth will be able to act decently, developing the right sense of values.

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The adolescents have to be the major priority for the parents, tutors and society. The right and opportune education will help to appreciate life and ethic values for the present generation. Money is an important tool for today, but the attention and love are more necessary for today`s generation. It has an essential point for humanity. People have to focus on them. The government policy should be based on the protection of today`s generation. The authorities have to provide necessary laws and rules to avoid the compensated dating and materialistic values. Humanity will feel the protection of their rights. As a result, the moral and ethical factors will be the top priority for each human.

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