Homesexuality today Essay Sample

Homesexuality today

Basically a freelance paper on homesexuality today. How it's accepted in the community now as to it was before. then throw in the chicano lifestyle and how its accepted thru them. with the traditional roles and religion. Also a good example is ricky martin comming out now to the community instead of in the past and when his career was sky rocketing. another good point to come across is during the election Prop 8 passed but 50% of the votes where hispanic. so that should speak of where the homosexual community stands now but yet again still lacks some support do to tradition.

Homosexuality in the Chicano

In the United States and the entire world, the issue of homosexuality has spanned controversies in the political, moral, social, religious and civil rights organizations. A homosexuality is the union between two spouses of the male gender or biological sex, that is male and male. Today, there has been widespread campaign to legalize homosexuality.  The explanation by those supporting the legitimization of the homosexual relations is that there is need to recognize the human rights of the homosexuals and that there is equality of the law. Additionally, the heterosexuals are urged to avoid stigmatizing the homosexuals in order to reduce the physical, psychological and mental torture that homosexuals face because of this stigma (American Psychiatric Association, /APA, 1; GLMA, 3). However to most people, homosexual unions are illegal and bring more costs than benefits by greatly distorting the family and social structures.

Health and social organizations such as the psychological, psychiatric and social workers associations argue that there is no basis of scientific evidence that can rightly differentiate between heterosexual spouses and same sex spouses with regard to obligations, legal rights, benefits and burdens bestowed by civil marriages (APA, 2). The arguments affirm that similar parenting skills and well being of children are showcased by both kinds of marriages and that problems experienced in marriages are likely to occur in both kind of marriages at the same weight. Moreover, the associations disapprove the civil marriage law that shows marriage as an institution composed of one woman and one man by questioning the rationale on which this decision is based. However, I am against the homosexuality  because the children are denied the right to be raised by their biological parents and this is an issue of ethicality. Furthermore, it is hard to understand why homosexuality  should be institutionalized when clearly the couples are unable to propagate on their own

Traditionally, homosexuality  bring religious conflicts yet a major role of religion is to unite the society. In Christianity, proponents of homosexuality  attribute that any kind of orientation is a gift from God because no man chooses his destiny. Moreover, they argue that there is no biblical evidence that prohibits homosexuality  and some recent bible versions carry inaccurate understanding and translations of the subject (Mitchel, 6). Opposing the subject are Christians who feel that homosexuality  go against the will of God which is the desire for procreation by human beings and therefore corrupts the religious doctrine. Many churches against homosexuality  discriminate against such couples and can deny them benefits given to the heterosexual marriages an issue that brings about conflicts and splitting in churches. Buddhism carries inconsistent teachings about homosexuality  although it doesn’t rule against these marriages.

Traditions also work against Homosexuality in the Chicano. Generally,  the Homosexuality  are against the rule of the majority.  The US is a democratic state and studies reveal that over 57 percent of the population is against homosexuality (Mitchell, 2).  As such, the traditionalists argue that homosexuality needs to be banned in order to reduce the rate of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases more so the most dreaded HIV and other serious health conditions. Studies reveal that the prevalence of STD’s and mental disorders is highest among gay couples (Diggs, 1).

Further, those against Homosexuality in the Chicano argue that is as much as homosexual partners hold genuine feelings of love and affection to the same sex partner, legalizing homosexuality would enhance the practice of homosexuality where anyone who feels like changing the sex orientation disregard of natural feelings would be able to do so. Moreover, homosexuality dilute any efforts to unify the social structure. Calling for legalization of homosexuality is like asking for special consideration that would place this marriage institution above the normal one. Soon other groups would use similar arguments as homosexuality to seek special consideration and in no time we will have societies that seek to recognize incest, polygamy, pedopholia, bestial and necrophilia marriages (Mitchell, 20).

Currently, homosexuality is illegal in most of the United States. In the US constitution, homosexuality  have always been prohibited and the Defense of the Marriage Act of 1996 was signed by President Bill Clinton to protect the family constitution that defines marriage as a union between man and woman and prohibits federal benefits to couples in these unions (CNN). Moreover, through the Act, a state is allowed to ignore homosexualities that are practiced outside its jurisdiction. As much as homosexuality legislature is considered a state rather than a federal issue, many states moved to pass laws that prohibit homosexuality. In states like New Hampshire, Wyoming, Maryland and Wisconsin, laws that prohibit homosexuality were already in place before the Defense of the Marriage Act. The State of Vermont was the first to pass a law that allows homosexuality in 2000 and up to now the act is allowed and supported in other six out of the 50 states namely; Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and recently, Washington D.C and the District of Columbia. The same sex spouses in these areas receive benefits at state level. States like New York and Rhode Island recognize homosexuality but they are not allowed. Currently, the Obama’s administration supports the civil and federal rights for homosexual couples but has made no effort to suggest reforms on the federals marriage Act. Activists in some states come up with motions to seek legislation of homosexuality but the motions never acquire enough supporters and are always vetoed. Although not supported by the current administration, efforts by Congress to seek a federal ban on same-sex marriages are underway and America will have a chance to bid goodbye to the arising corrupt version of marriage. Most states recognize homosexuality as civil unions and therefore prefer that the term ‘marriage’ should not be applied to such unions. In my view, it would be ages before the whole society of the United States unanimously agree to accept homosexuality. This issue will create the longest political divide of all time.

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Pros and cons of homosexuality

Homosexuality would increase the number of adoptions and therefore provide homes for a number of children (Mitchel, 5). Orphans and children abandoned from heterosexual marriages may benefit from the upbringing by gay parents. Secondly, it is a marriage arguably based on love and commitment between the spouses; an important element that ensures that marriages last long and that high risk sexual behavior that can predispose a person to diseases are prevented. Third, legalization of homosexuality in some states allows marriage benefits to the same sex spouses. The spouses can enjoy benefits of inheritance when one dies or property sharing that would allow either of the spouses to save earnings. On the other hand, homosexuality has many disadvantages because of the less recognition and acceptance, notably; they are not recognized under the federal law. Society does not readily welcome these institutions making homosexuality a minority marginalization issue. Isolation of these groups has been singled out as a contributing factor to health related problems of the homosexuals where they suffer both physically, mentally and psychologically. Children become the great sufferers because of the discrimination they receive from their peers at school or even at home, for an issue that they don’t understand themselves. Furthermore, the parents are denied federal benefits for marriages thereby undermining the couple’s finance and social security. They are barred from receiving benefits like healthcare, family medical coverage and leave, tax waivers on basis of family membership, child custody and inheritance among other benefits. Currently, there are political discussions aiming to allow couples in these marriages to visit a spouse in jail or hospital but it is unlikely that an agreement will be reached soon.  

Homosexuality impact on family and society

The family is the building unit of the society and is the first one to be jeopardized by homosexuality. Homosexuality undermines the role of the family as bestowed by heterosexual marriages. First, existence of same sex couples as a family brings disorientation as far as roles are concerned. How does propagation continue when same sex couples do not have a natural ability to produce an offspring on their own? Adoption and using surrogate parents could be an option but this erodes the genetic make up of the family by introducing offspring that are neither biologically related to the mother or the father and the relation complicates further to the extended family. The children are further denied the opportunity to know or exist with their biological parents and there could also be ambiguous relations where siblings are created from different surrogate parents. It is on this basis that Ricky Martin faces an uphill task today in relation  to his open gay relations. As studies establishes, there is an inseparable connection that children have with their mothers and this begins in the womb through the umbilical cord in addition to children being better off raised by their biological parents (Somerville, 6; Mitchell, 3, 4). So between the biological surrogate mother and the foster lesbian mother, who should be legally defined as the children’s parent without abusing the right of the child? In families, there are roles that exist for each member of the family. Women have been naturally imparted with the nurturing skills and are best likely to take care of the children. Fathers are endowed with protectiveness and provision qualities and an existence of the same sex couples undermine one role more than the other. Homosexuality affects families negatively by causing trauma and confusion to children. How does the child distinguish on the person to call mother and the one to call father. How do both male parents and both female parents understand the challenges that their female child or male child respectively undergoes during development? Considering that homosexuality occur in a minority group, the child is likely to note the abnormal composition in his/her family or be teased by children from heterosexual backgrounds and this result in emotional anguish. This also leads to low quality relationship between the children and parents.

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Due to the call for institutionalizing homosexuality , the US society has been sharply divided and faces un-ending conflicts in terms of age where most elderly persons are seemingly against the homosexuality while most young persons are for it (Mitchell, 2). There are also experiences of political divide where most democrats and independents favor homosexuality while most of the republicans oppose the issue. The largest impact is felt by the religious groups which are split between religious conservatives and religious liberals or progressives and secularities who believe that religion is not above the American Constitution and should not be used as a decision tool for everyone’s lifestyle. The impact continues to be felt as far as the geographical locations are concerned; for instance, most of the Northeast advocates for homosexuality while the Southerners oppose and the West Coast is half way divided. The rest of the region is against the homosexuality .


The aim of marriage is to champion procreation an aspect that is lacking in gay marriage and the future success of children within these marriages. Moreover, the society view differently Homosexuals and tends to alienate from people who have entered gay marriages. The religious fraternity and various states define the importance of heterogeneous marriages and tend to neglect gay marriage because of the emergence benefits that are associated with heterogeneous marriages. Nevertheless, various government organizations such has the Supreme Courts holds dearly the importance of heterosexual marriage an idea and how its place in the modern society.

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