Gun control Essay Sample

Gun control

Gun control is one of the controversial debates that have lasted in the United States now for a long time. It appears that the two sides of the argument have failed to agree on the course of action regarding the issue. Each side of the debate has its own propositions that tend to favor their beliefs. However, it is important to realize that the issue is of concern to the society, and there is a need to address it carefully so that both sides of the debate remain satisfied.

In the research, it is expected that reasons why some people support gun control will be found. It is expected that reasons why gun control should not be in place will be found. The research expects to find out good reasons by each side of the debate hold its current believes. The research will evaluate all sides of the debate to ensure that the issue is addressed from all points of view without ignoring any side.

The major aim of this research is to find out why people are against gun control. The stand of this research is that gun control is unnecessary measure in the United States. It appears that people have ignored this side of the debate, whereas there are strong arguments that support why gun control is not the way to go for the United States. In this regard, this research will demonstrate why it is unreasonable to control gun possession in the United States.

This research is very important considering the fact that terrorism is a major challenge in the current world. United States is in a move to fight terrorism. However, terrorist activities cannot be associated with gun control. The United States security service should have other initiative to counter terrorist activities rather than blame laws that legalize ownership of private guns. The stand of this research is that gun control in the United States is not necessary. There is no strong link between legalization of gun ownership and criminal activities in the United States.

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