Gay marriages Essay Sample

Gay marriages

The issue of gays and more recently gay marriages has created a lot of heat waves in America. This comes at a time when the acceptance of gay marriages throughout the world has continued to vary. In true the world has been divided on this issue America included. These marriages have always been considered as against the American culture and thus face a lot of contest for those aiming to preserve the American culture.

As much as gay marriages have continually gained acceptance in countries such as America, others such as India and even Singapore have strongly been opposed to it. In Africa there has been a lot of debate on this issue majorly because the African culture does condemn such acts of same marriages as immoral and are even punishable by death. However, in the same continent, there are states such as South Africa that have been supporting this and have even made same sex marriages legal.

In America it is true that same sex marriages have been accepted fully by a handful of states. In fact same sex civil unions are recognized in a very small number of states.  This is however changing over time as there is evidently more fighting by the civil unions’ protestors and activists for the right of homosexuals. They continually fight for the right of gay couples to get marriages benefits as would a heterosexual couple.  As a matter of fact, the reason as to why gay marriages should be made illegal or non existent exists as one of the greatest question that our lawmakers have to critically ask themselves and come out with an eventual answer (Rauch, 2004).

In essence, the reasons of any marriage should be considered without prejudice. People should not look down on same sex unions as this definitely invades their basic human right- the right to marry. Further, no restrictions should be made on which sex union is right and which is wrong. There should be no hatred passed to those who consider heterosexual marriages or relationships distasteful and vice versa.

America should incorporate the Supreme Council and the senate and bring the discrimination to an end. It is the basic human right to choose who to marry and no human being should be the judge in this.

Effect of computers on the post-industrial economy

Post industrial economy basically refers to the period whereby the relative importance of manufacturing lessens and that of services, information, and research grows. In this economy there are evident signs of a declining manufacturing sector, an enlarged services sector and an inevitable increase in the reliance of information technology.

The innovation of information technology especially, has really led to the development of the pot industrial economy. This is because there has been an increase in the demand of the services sector and a decrease in the need for manufacturing. 

The computer technology has greatly affected the advent of the post industrial economy. It has been at the core of the development of the post industrial economy especially since these economies have an ardent urge for information and as (Freeman, 1994) says technology provides us with the ability to develop, process and even store information.

In this age we can be said to be experiencing a technological revolution just like we had the industrial revolution and the agricultural revolution in the latter years. According to (Freeman, 1994) the industrial revolution was very slow and was also localized as compared to the IT revolution which was very fast and was felt throughout the globe.

Due to the rise of computers, there has been a shift from mass production – industrialism to flexible production- informationalism. It has also led to the development of a situation that we can call ‘the third industrial revolution’ where the rise of the computers affects all the aspects of our lives. In fact it has changed the way we view economic practices and has gone from collective to individualism.

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